Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The American connection - Aunt Nell of Cleveland


Aunt Nell, the American nun who visited Birmingham from Ohio in the 1920s. Possibly a cousin of the Claytons on the Finn or Flynn side of the family.

Kathleen Robinson often told me that her Granny Clayton had relatives who lived in America. These were members of either the Finn or Flynn family. Kath spoke of someone being a priest and another person being a nun. She recalled that they lived in Cleveland, Ohio.

We have a photograph of a nun who is referred to as Aunt Nell (Ellen?), who visited the Claytons from America, possibly in the early 1920s. Kath told me that she may have visited Ladywood during the time when her own parents, Florence and Bill Millington, were abroad in India. It is thought that she may have been a relative in Florence’s generation, i.e. perhaps a second cousin.

In theory, Nell could have been the daughter of one of Granny Clayton’s first cousins. Possibly one of the Finns, for instance one of the 4 children of James and Mary Finn of Lench Street, the brothers and sister of the person I believe to be Mary Payne (Ann, Thomas and James).

Could this family have been connected to Gerald Payne’s relatives in America, whom his father said included two doctors?

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