Saturday, 26 December 2009

Australia bound


By the time Geoff’s two years national service had finished in 1960, Denis was eighteen months old and Sue was six months. On the day of his de-mobilization I bought a return ticket, myself and the two little ones caught the train from Snow Hill to Wellington Station. After light refreshments we boarded the train back to Birmingham, to bring Geoff back home with us and settle into our married life together.

I obviously cannot write a day-to-day account of the two lonely years when Geoff was away, but during that time I saved our letters to each other. In years from now, should anyone have the time or interest to read about our lives, and experiences over this period, I’m sure there is quite a bit of interesting family information and possibly news of local and national events which occurred during that time. The letters are stashed away in a container, so someone may have time to read them and perhaps think of us.

Immediately on leaving the Army, Geoff was able to secure a job as a Production Estimator, with an engineering company, GGL Co, which was based in Hockley. The factory was located not far from the house in Monument Road and Geoff was able to walk the short distance each day, both at lunchtime and in the evening.

At about this time Geoff and I gave serious consideration to emigrating, to far off Australia. The Aussie Government were subsidizing travel for young families, a whole family could be transported for ten pounds sterling; living accommodation in hostels, would be found for us at the other end. Geoff filled-in the necessary forms and as an apprentice trained engineer, met all the requirements. We were required to attend a final interview at the Australian Office, which at that time was located on the Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham. I was never too keen on leaving my own people, or living in hostel accommodation, as it brought back sad memories of my earlier years. After much soul searching we duly decided that the wrench in leaving our respective families would be too great, so our dreams in that direction were never to be.

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