Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A close knit Irish community

Earlier in this record I related some of the family history of Albert Clayton who lives in Australia, whose grandfather Alfred Clayton was the brother of my great grandfather Henry William Clayton (husband of Mary Helen Finn).

During our exchange of emails, Albert told me that his mother, a lady named Kathleen Murphy was also descended from Irish immigrants to Birmingham in the mid-nineteenth century and it now transpires that in 1871 Albert’s great great grandparents, James and Elizabeth Lamb were living in the same court in Hanley Street as my great great grandparents, Thomas and Bridget Finn and Thomas’s brother James Finn.

James and Elizabeth Lamb were living at number 17 Hanley Street with a family of eight children: Mary (b.1851), Edward (b.1854), Margaret (b.1856), Anne (b.1858), James (b.1860), John (b.1862), Elizabeth (b.1864) and Kate (b.1868).

James Lamb was from Ireland and his wife’s maiden name was Green. Their Daughter Anne was Albert Clayton’s great grandmother. She married Michael Giblin and their daughter Elizabeth Giblin married Thomas Murphy. Their daughter Kathleen Murphy was Albert’s mother who married Ronald Clayton.

Also in close proximity to the Finns in Hanley Street in the 1871 census were several other Irish families, including:

13 B.H. Patrick & Bridget Byrnes & 7 children

15 B.H. Michael & Mary Mation & 2 children

16 Peter & Catherine McNamara with 4 children & 2 grand children

17 B.H. Thomas & Matilda Kean & 3 children

18 James & Elizabeth Dare & 4 children


St Chads Roman Catholic Cathedral on the Newtown side of the city centre – a building very dear to the hearts of the Finn and Flynn family in the 1800s and early 1900s.


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