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Daniel Flynn - the bootmaker

There are various records which appear to relate to David Flynn the 20 year old son who is listed as a shoe maker in the 1861 census:

In the Birmingham Trade Directory 1868, David Flynn is listed as a boot maker at 21 Branston Street

In the 1871 Census, David Flynn is living at 92 Branston Street. He was 30 years old, born in Ireland, a bootmaker and living with his wife Selina (aged 28) born in Birmingham. The couple had three children: Edward 5, Daniel 4 and James 2.

In the Trade Directory of 1881, David Flynn, bootmaker, is listed at 95 Branston Street.

In the 1881 Census David Flynn, bootmaker, is living at 53 Northwood Street. He is now 40 years old, born in Galway. His wife Selina Flynn is aged 36, a tray polisher born in Warwickshire. But no were children listed.

I also have a baptismal record from St Chad's for a Daniel Jacob Flynn, baptised on 26th February 1869, son of David Flynn and Selina Flynn (nee.Warrant), God parents were Daniel Flynn & Helena Flynn.

All five of these references stand a very strong possibility of being connected to the David Flynn in the family in the 1861 census. David is the right age, he lives in the right area and he's a bootmaker.

What's interesting about this then is that both David and Michael married women named Selina. If the baptism reference is for the same child, Daniel, named in the 1871 census above, it would make him aged 2 at time of baptism.

I have found 4 Census records between 1871 and 1911 (excluding 1891 for no want of searching) which appear to appertain to the oldest brother listed in the Flynn family in the 1861 census, Patrick Flynn:

Living at Cheapside, Deritend, Aston in 1871 were:

Patrick Flynn aged 30 born in Ireland

Bridget aged 28 born in Ireland

Mary Ann aged 5 born in Birmingham

Helen aged 4

David aged 1

Selina aged 0

No occupations given in this Census record

Living at No 5 Court, Cheapside, Aston in 1881 were:

Patrick Flynn aged 42, born Galway, Stamper (Artz)

Bridget Flynn (wife) aged 39 born Ireland (Polisher - Artz)

Mary A Flynn (daughter) aged 15 born in Ireland (Ruler)

Selina Flynn aged 14 born in England (pipe mounter (tobacco)

David Flynn aged 11 scholar

Ellen Flynn aged 10 scholar

Rose Flynn aged 6

John U Flynn aged 4

Edward Flynn aged 3

The same family is recorded in the 1901 census:

Patrick Flynn, 64 year old brass stamper, born in Ireland.

Bridget his wife, aged 56, born in Ireland.

Nellie aged 30, an India rubber saleswoman (daughter).

David aged 28, brass worker.

Rose aged 25 (at home).

Joseph aged 24, a wire maker

Edward aged 22, a gun barrel forger

Arthur aged 15, a tin plate worker.

All of the children were born in Birmingham.

The same family are recorded in the 1911 Census, though at this stage the oldest son David is recorded as the head of the family. It is noticeable that there are 4 single adult sons living in this home plus a widowed sister and a total absence of children:

1911 Census

Address: 14 Hollier Street, Deritend

David Flynn, Head, Single, M, aged 39, born 1872, Clerk Brass Foundry, born Birmingham

Patrick Flynn, Father, Married, M, aged 74, born 1837, Retired, b. Ireland

Bridget, Mother, Married, 48 years, F, aged 70, born 1841, Retired,  b.Ireland

Joseph, Brother, Single, M, aged 33, born 1878, Wire Mattress Work, b. Birmingham

Edward, Brother, Single, M, aged 30, born 1881, Brass Burnisher, b. Birmingham

Arthur, Brother, Single, M, aged 34, born 1877, Tin Plate Worker, b.Birmingham

Mary Ann Brome, Sister, Widow, F, aged 44, b.1867, House Keeper, b.Birmingham



  1. Stiff competition from the Dixons of Deritend!! Hi, I am doing my sister in laws Brummie family history and James Dixon, a shoe and boot maker at 20 Mount St. Deritend from 1841-to his death in 1867. His wife and daughter who work making umbrellas leave their home in 1871.
    She was so sure she had Irish in the family - but nothing yet.....haha

  2. Thanks for leaving this comment Julie. Please let us know if you find anything else out about your Dixon ancestors. I am very happy to post things up about Birmingham families which aren't necessarily related to us. Have you also tried looking at the message boards on the brilliant Birmingham History Forum? There's a link in the right column on my site.

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  4. Hi

    This is quite intresting,
    I think i may be related to the Flynn family mentioned above,
    My Great-Grandfather was David Flynn,
    All my Flynn family came from the Aston Birmingham area, but i think there may be a bit of confusion here, ill tell you what i no, my cousin did our flynn side of the family tree, and found out that apparently Daivd flynn & joesph flynn were actually born in Ireland, but were stowaways on a ship from ireland to england, apprently they came from cork ireland, now i no it says on the census they were born in birmingham, not sure if that's entirely correct, Joseph flynn married my Great-Grandmother Emily louisa Flynn (nee) cook, & had too children who were Edward & lena flynn, i found her on the census as windowed & living with her parents charles & louisa cook, now she went on to marry joesph's brother David Flynn, my Great-grandfather, which says they married in 1902, but it seems david has his name down on the marriage census as Daivd st chad flynn, Ha, not sure what the st chat is all about,

    I also found the census which i think is 1901 which states, head daneil flynn aged 34yrs, wife Rose flynn aged 33yrs, son daneil flynn aged 12yrs, son David flynn aged 10yrs, Brother Daivd flynn aged 28yrs, Brother Joseph flynn aged 18yrs, and on another census found there mother bridget flynn & father patrick flynn, born ireland,

    My Grandfather was also called David flynn, after his father, born aston,b,ham dec 1912, & his brother joesph flynn after the uncle, they had other siblings but not sure of there names,

    Now i'm sure this must be the same family,

    My grandfather married a rose bill, & his brother joseph married a nellie,

    Could you please let me no if this is correct

    Thank you


  5. Hi Pete,
    was always told that my great-grandfather was a cobbler in ireland, Our mom always told us that pete, my mother was patrica flynn, daughter of Daivd flynn, b, 1912, aston, she married kenneth Burgess,
    so pete how are we related then?
    I'm new to this blog & i'm So Chuffed to have found all this out about my flynn family, now David my cousin, yes another david, ha, went into the flynn family side of history also & like i mentioned above found out some very intresting things about our great-grandad & his brother joseph flynn, not sure if you have this info, also found that David was a solider in the warwickshire reg, batln 4, he went to africa & India, and received the kings medal with clasp, the queens medal with clasp..have got info if you need it, can contact me

    All the best

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Lisa x