Saturday, 26 December 2009

Joan's Journey chapter IIX. Family life at 107 Station Road

Fiona's Christening 1971

Early in1971 Geoff joined the British Leyland and was able to buy a larger vehicle through the company, it was our lovely Landrover, which we also named Bessie. The family by now was getting very involved, in their various activities and interests. They attended Brownies, Guides, Scouts and Cubs.

Also included in their activities were ice-skating, ballet, swimming, football, and gymnastics. Also our Peter was in the choir at Saint Peters. Often I had to walk with the children to these activities as some took place immediately after school. Geoff would not arrive home with the car until around 6pm, but this would not deter us from going out. During the school holidays we would make our way to the various local parks, equipped with a picnic, bats, balls and fishing nets; often other local children would join us on these trips.

If the weather was damp, we would catch the bus into town, to the museums; the children never seemed to tire of them. I would pack a picnic for the family and we would go to Saint Philips churchyard and eat our lunch. Thank goodness there was no McDonalds fast food in those days, we would not have been able to afford the prices. We often made our way to the parks, Cannon Hill or Lightwoods. I would push the pram and the children would run in front, or even behind; they would take it in turns to ride on the pram.

There was one yearly event the children especially looked forward to, which was the Steam Engine Parade, which took place in Newhall Street, always on Sunday. Many steam engines and exhibits would assemble in front of the Science Museum, which was also open at that time. Loud fairground music would fill the air, played by the steam-driven organs, it was the best free show in town.

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