Saturday, 26 December 2009

May all your troubles be little ones

To our added blessings and joy, after the weddings came the arrival of our grandchildren, over the next twenty years, we had yet another little person introduced into the family. Our first grandchild to arrive was Lara, followed by Liam, Christopher, Patrick, Elizabeth, Matthew, Victoria, Joseph, Aimee, Melissa, Alice, Daniel and George. To the present time we have been blessed with thirteen grandchildren. In our hearts every one of them is a very special individual, our children and grandchildren have given us untold pleasure, and they have all made us very proud of their achievements.

In 2002, having both retired, Geoff and I moved from our old home in Station Road, Birmingham to 11 Deben Road, Suffolk. It represented quite a traumatic move for us at the time, particularly at our time of life. The old Victorian house was in such a bad state of repair that it was necessary for us to move. We may well have remained in the Midlands, had it not been for the high property prices. The present house is comfortable and very nicely located, but I do miss having daily contact with younger members of the family and not being present, and able to lend a hand when required. All the families do their best to keep in touch, and visit us when they are able.

Thankfully we are still mobile and are able to get around on public transport. Alison and Ewan reside in West Sussex, which is a fairly easy journey to make, on the National Express coach and of course we often make the journey to Birmingham on the train. I cannot believe that we are still able to make our yearly visit to Florida, USA (thanks to the generosity of our son Denis). We do enjoy our visits with Denis, his wife Carol, and our two grandchildren Victoria and Melissa; they always make us doubly welcome. We shall try to make the journey as long as we are able.

Before we retired, Geoff worked for thirty years with Rover in Longbridge and I worked at the Birmingham Maternity for 27 years. I cannot speak for Geoff but my own job gave me great satisfaction. I was employed in the theatre for many years and later out on the delivery suite. Because I was on permanent nights, it was very demanding. It was a balancing act, trying to get enough sleep and at the same time looking after the needs of the family.

It was not an easy task, but I would not have changed it for the world; it certainly kept the adrenalin flowing. I could write a separate book on my experiences and life at the old Matty.

As I have written earlier, we have now retired to Saxmundham, in Suffolk. I write these concluding few lines in the year 2008. It is a very special year for Geoff and I, in May it was our Golden Wedding anniversary. I know that I can speak for Geoff, when we think back over our married life together. We have shared a lovely relationship together and pray that it will go on for many years more. I feel the only problems we now encounter is our slowdown in activity, we certainly do not take kindly to getting older, with all the associated aches, pains and other minor ailments which beset old age, but as my mom would say, “Hope Springs Eternal”

Well, the years have taken their toll. My own health has had its ups and downs. I’m thankful that the different operations I have had, have all met with some success. I would particularly mention the triple heart bypass, which was performed in 2001. I am glad that Geoff has kept in very good health; despite the bad fall he had while walking our dog Bessie; he tore the ligaments from his kneecap. Following his operation, I am amazed that he appears to have recovered completely, with no lasting effects. In recent months he has experienced problems with his right leg and hip joint, which causes great discomfort. We shall be thankful to God, keep our fingers crossed, and wait to see what the future holds.

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