Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Nellie & Daniel Flynn of Sherbourne Street

Sherbourne Street in the 1950s, home to my mother’s family the Lawlors from Dublin and to Ken Flynn’s father and grandparents. Demonstrating how families stayed in the same area for decades.

When I first started researching the Finns and the Flynns my parents, Geoff and Joan Millington told me that used to be a family of Flynns who lived in Sherborne Street in the 1950s. My dad told me that his mother Florence said that this family were her relatives:

“There was man named Daniel Flynn who lived in Sherborune Street. He was a very nice man and he worked at Finney’s Press as a machinist. He had a female relation named Nellie who lived in the same house. She was very small”.

In 2005 I made contact with a gentleman named Ken Flynn through the Genes Reunited website who told me that Nellie and Daniel were his grandparents. Ken emailed me:

“It does appear that the Daniel you talk about and Nellie were my Grandparents and yes Nellie my grandmother was only small. I contacted my aunt Helen today, my Dad's sister , she is the only one left out of that generation, and she confirmed what you had told me, she also said that her grandparents owned a sweet shop in Essington Street but that her grandfather died when she was born and that she didn't know what part of Ireland they came from”.

In another email, Ken continued:

“My father Daniel Flynn was born and lived in Ladywood and his father was also called Daniel Flynn and my grandfather had a brother called David Flynn. My father lived in Sherbourne Street as a child with his mother my gran and she was called Nellie Flynn. My grandfather died when he was a young man I think with Meningitis, and my gran never remarried. I have cousins who went to St Chads school and we lived in the Newtown area and Summer Lane when we were kids.

If we take it that Ken’s grandfather Daniel was a direct descendant of the Flynn family to whom we have been referring, who arrived in Birmingham in the late 1850s, it is most likely that he was the son of on of the four brothers listed in that family: Patrick, David, Michael or Daniel.

We can take out Michael because the names David and Daniel are not amongst the names of Michael’s children researched by Clare Whitehead. This leaves Patrick (had a son named David in 1870), David (had a son named Daniel in 1867) or the youngest brother Daniel as possible great grandfathers of Ken Flynn.

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  1. Hi Pete,
    I do Believe these flynns are my relatives, David flynn being my Great-Grandfather,and David flynn jnr being my Grandad named after his father David flynn, now in the 1902 census on there is a marrage, David st chad flynn to emily louisa cook, my great-grandfather & Great-Grandmother, don't no why he has the st chad in his name thou,

    My mother was partica flynn, her sister maureen flynn daughter's of david flynn jnr & rose flynn(nee)bill,
    I no my grandad was brought up in the Aston area of brum, i no his father my G,Grandfather david flynn had a brother called joseph, & daneil flynn, i also no part of the flynns went to live in canada, my mother,s cousin pauline's side,..I also no that My Great-Grandfather's other son was named joesph after his brother, he married a nellie flynn..not sure of her madien name,

    My grandad was born dec 26th 1912 in aston, apparently my Great-Grandmother Emily louisa cook Married joseph flynn first, but we were told he died in the 1st,W,War, how true that is we don't no, then she went on to marry my Great-Grandfather David flynn, think she had 2 children with joesph which were edward flynn & lena flynn,
    Then she went on to have david,joseph & quite a few other children with with David st chad flynn,

    Now my cousin did the flynn family tree, & this is what he told us, that joespeh & david flynn, came over to england as illegal immigrants, stowerways on a ship, and came from cork ireland, the rest of the family of flynns were already here, some in ladywood, aston, also think they lived in back st? mother patrica was born in Gerrard, or Gerreld st, back st loszels in 1934, my Grandad David moved from aston & lived with rose in weoley castle,..

    Pete would love to no if there is any more info you could provide me on my flynn famliy, have been trying to do my own family tree of flynn,s but am finding it hard & quite confusing..Ha,Ha,

    They were definetly a big famliy, i have quite a few photo,s of my grandad david & his brother joesph would be happy to share them with you,

    I no this is an old post so hope it will get to you soon.

    Best wishes