Saturday, 26 December 2009

Sad times...

Harry and Kath Robinson
As the years have passed our family have experienced both sad, and joyful occasions. We lost Geoff’s Dad, Grandad Mill, in 1969. The eighties brought further losses of our dearest. My dear Father was the next to go, two years later we lost our dearest Mother. A short time later I lost my very dear brother Brian, who died at a very young age. After them Geoff’s Mom left us, our one and only Nanny Mill. By the nineties all those at 92 Walsh Road had departed this life. As a child I had enjoyed loving security at 92 and in later years, my own family would be welcomed on many happy visits; we would never visit that little house again. The years flew by until 2000, and that was a terrible year for us. On May the 8th we lost Uncle Harry, and on the 16th Auntie Kath followed him; it was a terrible shock that within two weeks we had lost them both. Later we lost brother-in-law Ted, Geoff’s brother Bill and later his sister Nancy. So, as one can imagine we lost a number of dear and loving friends in those twenty years. We must not be too sad, because those happy people touched our lives. It was a privilege to have been loved and cared for by so many wonderful people.

In the nineteen fifties, I had been married from the little house in Sherborne Street, which I regarded as my last family home. Three years on, and the council set about demolishing the houses in that area, in the redevelopment of Ladywood. So Mom and Dad and family, moved to a very big house near Edgbaston Reservoir. In fact the rear garden gate provided direct access to the reservoir. With the family much reduced, the house, a dark brooding building, became difficult to maintain and so after a short period the family re-located to the Lee Bank area.

It was to a flat within a newly erected three-story block, everything was bright and clean, which suited my mother very well, Mom and Dad were very happy there. Father discovered a new haunt at the Woodman, a little pub located within walking distance of the flat. By the time Mom and Dad had settled in Lee Bank the number of grandchildren had increased. Every Saturday the large family would meet-up for the day at the flat. The cousins all enjoyed playing games with each other, and it gave the adults the opportunity of coming up to date with the latest gossip, and having a good chat. Our Mother would satisfy our hunger, by preparing an excellent stew, which even to this day no one has been able to replicate the flavour. Besides the wonderful taste, the amazing thing was, that no matter how many helpings were served, there was always a welcome dish of stew waiting for visitors. The simple ingredients of the stew consisted of beef, potatoes, onions, carrots and two stock cubes; it certainly was a magic pot, combined with a bit of Irish magic.

After many contented years, both Mom and Dad ended their days from their small home on Lee Bank.

Our joyful occasions began back in 1984, when our daughter Sue, was married to Barry and from then on we seemed to be engaged in continuous preparations for weddings; in 1986 Denis, in 1993 Kate, in 1994 Fiona, in 1996 Peter and finally in 2000 Alison. If we were not attending our own family weddings, it was to the children of our close relations. I will not describe the wonderful times and experiences we had on each and every occasion, as they were all lovely events.

Brian Lawlor with baby Denis Millington


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