Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Thomas and Bridget Finn's children


A page from the 1861 census for Birmingham shows the Flynn family living at a 14 Court, 3 house Northwood Street in Hockley

Thomas and Bridget Finn had 6 children in total. Following the birth of Mary Helen in 1871, a further four daughters were born, followed finally by their only son, Thomas. Annie Finn was born in 1874, Margaret in 1876, Ellen in 1879, Julia in 1886 and Thomas in 1889. There do appear to be quite large gaps between the births of some of these children, 7 years passed for instance between the births of Ellen and Julia. Were there other children lost in childbirth or infancy?

Bridget Finn died at the age of 43 in the early part of 1889, which makes it very likely that she died during or as the result of the birth of her last child Thomas. In the 1891 census, 2 years after the birth of Thomas, Thomas Finn senior is registered as a widower.


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