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What became of the other Flynn children?

Michael Flynn, born in Galway in 1843. He was the brother of my great-great grandmother, Bridget Flynn

In September 2005 I made contact with Clare Whitehead who lives in Dorset, whose great great grandfather was Michael Flynn, an older brother of my own great great grandmother, Bridget Flynn. Michael is the 18 year old stamper listed in the record of the family in the 1861 cenus.

Clare told me that Michael was a jewellers stamper who lived in Smith Street before moving to Unett Street. He married Selina Lane in 1870 and they had children as follows:

William Patrick Flynn born 11th July 1871 and died on 22nd January 1875

Joseph George Worrall Flynn born 25th September 1873

Mabel Lousia Maria Worrall Flynn born 12th September 1875, died 15th June 1955, was a nun

Lilian Selina Worrall Flynn born 2nd May 1878, died 19th May 1931, never married.

Theresa Maude Mary Worrall Flynn born 9th September 1879, moved to America, probably 1 child from marriage, but no grandchildren that we are aware of.

Beatrice Alice Gertrude Worrall Flynn born 4th May 1881, died 26th June 1883

Marion Agnes Elsie Worrall Flynn born 25th December 1885 died 10th January 1976, never married

All the children were baptised at St Chads and Clare’s father has a wonderful old handwritten document certifying this and giving all their dates and times of birth.

Of the children listed above, Joseph Flynn was Clare’s great grandfather, he was a jewellers engraver and he married Edith Elizabeth Rooke on the 7th October 1905 and they had 2 children:

Bernard William Flynn (Clare’s Grandfather) born 9th October 1908 and Mable born 28th February 1910. Mable became a nun.

Bernard Flynn married Marjorie Randle – they lived in Sutton Coldfield and had 3 children:

Sheila Mary Flynn b 16 10 1939

David William Flynn b 30 9 1946

Kenneth Randle Flynn b 13 12 1947

David is Clare’s father, he married Susan Mary Greig in 1970, and they had four children:

Clare Elisabeth b 1973, m Julian Whitehead 1997, 2 children – Anna Chloe (1999) and Megan Elisabeth(2003)

Ruth Jennifer b 1976 m Michael Matthews 2000, 1 son – Oliver Jacob (2004)

Rachel Mary b 1978 – getting married next summer (2006)

Kate Isobel b 1981

Selina Lane married Michael Flynn in 1870. Michael was a jeweller’s stamper. The couple were the great-great grandparents of fellow researcher Clare Whitehead of Dorset


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  1. OH my god Pete,
    i could cry, just looked at the photo of Micheal Flynn, who would be my great-great-uncle, he looks like our side of the family, a striking resemblance to my grandad David Flynn, & my mom, & me & my sister,s..the skinny lips..Ha, the slight dimple on the chin, we've all got looking at you,re photo i can def see a resemblance, how uncanny, infact I'm the only one with auburn/red hair in the family & mom always said it was from my flynn side of the family..I'm mesmerized reading all the info you have on our Flynn family Pete,

    Thank you,

    am chuffed to bits

    lisa x