Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bolton Street - family and neighbours

Gaye's caption: "From the left is Willie Doyle (Kitty’s friend, Mary Leonard (nee Whelan) her new husband Paddy Leonard and Kitty Whelan. It is Mary and Paddy’s wedding day and Willie and Kitty may have been their witnesses"

Gaye Mulholland adds more information here about who lived where in Bolton Street and also the fate of the buildings themselves which it would appear were knocked down and rebuilt in the late 1970s, which would mean that my photograph of the modern day 49 Bolton Street which I took in about 1995 (see earlier post) would not be the original building which would explain why my mom Joan felt she cound't recall it from my photograph).

Gaye tells us:

"Speaking to my older sister sister Cara, she said that while she can’t really be 100% sure she doesn’t feel that the Mrs. Lawlor who kept the dairy at 49 Bolton Street around 1930 was a relation to your grandad. It would have been a bit before her time but in any case I thought I would pass that on.

"She said that your nanny Lawlor’s twin brother Peter lived in 49 Bolton Street prior to getting married and on marrying he bought a house in Phibsboro. Cara says that he died of a heart attack only two weeks after his wedding to a girl named Lilly Weldon. She also said that John McDonnell (granny Whelan’s brother who was blind) lived in 49 Bolton Street but when he married he moved next door to 48 Bolton Street which was one of the houses his father originally owned and passed on to Kitty.

"According to Cara there was a similar cottage to the one at the rear of 49 Bolton Street at the rear of 48 and that is where John McDonnell lived with his family. She said 48 and 49 were the only two houses on the road with cottages like these to their rear. She also said he lived there till his death which you mention as being in 1958 but she can’t recall him living in Sean McDermot Street. She also mentioned that his son also John McDonnell who you say died in 1979, continued to live at the rear of 48 Bolton Street after his father died. I don’t know when he left there.

"I recall that around 1964 everyone was required to move out of the properties under a compulsory purchase order. This was due to safety issues. A year or two before a house on the far side of the road up past the Technical Collage collapsed killing two people. Other houses in the city had also collapsed and it became obvious that something had to be done. I do know that several of the businesses on the ground floors continued trading out of those premises long after the families living above them had to move out. The buildings that are there today only went up in the late 1970s or 1980s so the urgency to move seemed to dissipate for some reason.

"According to my brother Denny who attended the technical college across the road from no 49, it was originally planned to use the land for further buildings for that technical college but those plans were soon discarded. Both Cara and Denny have corrected me on a couple of things in relation to the premises that John McDonnell owned. He only owned 48 and 49 Bolton Street and not 56 as I had originally thought though Paddy and Mary Leonard did live there paying rent to some other landlord. However both Denny and Cara confirm that the other properties that great grandad McDonnell owned were nos. 12 and 13 Henrietta Place which is a laneway situated at the rear of and running parallel to Bolton Street."

Gaye's caption: "Mollie Whelan (nee Leonard) with my Dad and Mum Denis Younge and Margaret (nee Whelan)".

Photos thanks to Gaye Muholland and Phylis Devlin

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