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The children of Phoebe and Terence Millington

Terence Millington circa. 1950s

My great grandparents, Terence and Phoebe Millington had at least 3 other children in addition to my grandfather William Joseph, all well remembered within the family. There is both anecdotal and recorded evidence that there may also have been at least one other baby, possibly two, who died in infancy. Terence was father to one additional child in his second marriage to Jane Guy.

The second child of Phoebe and Terence was Emily, born in 1902. Their third child was George born on 23rd February 1904 and their fourth child was John, named after Terence’s father, who was born in 1909.

It has been said by different sources in the family, that Phoebe died as a result of childbirth. My father’s sisters Nance and Kath always maintained that this is what their father told them and more recently my dad’s cousins Pat and Brian (children of my grandad’s brother George Millington) told me that a baby survived after Phoebe’s death but died some six months later when it fell out of a pram.

The St Catherine’s House birth indexes record the birth of a baby named Iris, born to Phoebe Millington (nee. Adderley) in Birmingham in 1911. The death indexes indicate that a baby of the same name died in 1912 before reaching it’s 1st birthday. However, this was at least 2 years before Phoebe’s own death in 1914. Having not yet viewed the death certificate of baby Iris, I can not confirm whether or not this was the baby who fell out of the pram. Incidentally I can not find birth or death records for a 6th child in 1913/14.

It is therefore possible that Phoebe developed a long term illness following the birth of Iris, eventually dying of the consequences of that illness. Phoebe’s death certificate shows that she died at the age of 32 on 7th February 1914. She died in the Workhouse Infirmary, Western Road, Winson Green and the cause of her death was (1) Haemorrhagic Cyst of Spleen, (2) Perforated Gastric Ulcer. Her death was certified by D.Scott. Terence and Phoebe’s address was given as 5 back of Wheeleys Lane, Lee Bank. Her death was registered by Terence (brass worker) who was present at her death.

In the early part of 1921 Terence remarried Jane Guy and later that same year the couple had their only child, Violet J. When they married, Jane Guy already had one other daughter from a previous relationship named Annie.

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