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The death of Alfred Adderley

The Millingtons and Adderleys lived very close to the Horse Fair at Lee Bank. The Horse Fair is remembered in a mosaic in the pedestrian underpass at Holloway Head

Alfred Adderley died on New Year’s Eve (31st December) 1890. He was only 42 years old. At the time of his death Alfred was living at 95 Bishopsgate Street (U.S.D.) and his trade was a brass-turner. Alfred’s death was certified by C.E.Parslow M.D. who gave the cause of his death as ‘the effects of haematemesis for 2 days’ (vomiting blood, usually due to a bleeding ulcer), ‘followed by a 4 hour episode of convulsions’.

Alfred’s death was registered by his grieving wife Emily the next day (New Years Day 1891). Our great grandmother, Phoebe Adderley was just nine years old when her father died. Her oldest sister was 18. Shortly after Alfred’s death the family must have moved from 95 Bishopsgate Street to 3 back of 80 Bishopsgate Street, because this is where they are registered in the 1891 census.

In this census, Emily is recorded as a 39 year old widow, employed as a laundress (wash). Emily’s birthplace is given as Wilmcote, Warwickshire. The oldest of the Adderley children, Sarah Jane and Alfred were not registered at the same address in this census. Rosemund is recorded as Rosannah, a 16 year old press worker, Joseph is a 13 year old scholar, Blanche is 11, Phoebe is 10, Harriett is 7 and William is 6. There is no mention of Harry in this census who was recorded in the 1881 census between Blanche and Phoebe.

Ten years after the death of her husband, Emily is recorded in the 1901 census now remarried to Henry James, a 41 year old brass caster from Nuneaton. Emily herself was ten years older than her new husband and is recorded as 51 years old and from Wilmcote. The youngest of the Adderley children, William, is recorded as the 15 year old step son of Henry James (a tin plater) and two other children of Henry James are also recorded in the household, Mary A James an 18 year old turner and Michael James a 15 year old brass caster. Further on in this record we find that the second youngest Adderley child, 17 year old Harriet, is living with Terence and Phoebe Millington not far away in St Martins Street.

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