Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Two Mass cards relating to Whelan ancestors

I wish to thank my mother Joan Millington nee. Lawlor who has recently sent me two Mass cards relating to members of the Whelan family. The first is a Mass card in loving memory of Peter Whelan of 49 Bolton Street and late of Ringsend Dublin who died on the 25th August 1952 aged 36 years old.

This was my grandmother's twin brother Peter Whelan, whose funeral we know that Lily (Nanny Lawlor) visited whilst the Lawlor family were residing on Coventry Road in Small Heath in the early 1950s.

Close up of the photo on Peter Whelan's Mass card

The second Mass card is an older one and relates to a Lawrence Whelan:

In loving memory of my dearest husband Lawrence Whelan, 65 North King Street, Dublin. Who died 13th April 1924 aged 50 years.

At the moment we don't know who Lawrence was in terms of his relationship to, we would assume the Whelan family. He would have been born in 1874 making him a year older than John Whelan (year of birth worked out from the 1911 census), so it making it very feasible that he was a brother or cousin of John Whelan.

A further search of the 1911 census gives only one Lawrence Whelan in the whole of Ireland of vaguely the right age, but this gentleman resided in Wexford with his mother and he was single. So it is unlikely that this is the correct person.

However, a search for Laurence Whelans gives us several inviduals of the right age group across Ireland, including an interesting one in Bolton Street with his family. Going on the basis that incorrect spellings were so common in the old census records, I think it is worth considering the likelihood of this gentleman being the person we are looking for, though more evidence would be required to prove it, for example do we know of descendants of Lawrence / Laurence?

The family in Bolton Street in 1911 is as follows:

Residents of 31.2 Bolton Street (Inns Quay, Dublin)

Laurence Whelan, aged 35, male, head of family, RC, born in Dublin, porter, married for 7 years

Mary Whelan, aged 29, wife, born Dublin, children born 3 children living 3

James Whelan aged 5 born in Dublin

Mary Whelan aged 4 born in Dublin

Joseph Whelan aged 0 born in Dublin

The only point which may go against this being the man we are seeking is that he was born in Dublin and not Kilkenny which is where John was born (presuming they were brothers which might not be the case). So, the search is on to identify our mystery Lawrence Whelan. Below is a close-up of this gentleman with his very distinguished looking moustache.



  1. Pete,

    Terry A nephew of ours mentioned to me last year that he met someone with the surname Whelan who had lived near Bolton Street. He had wondered if there was any relationship to our Whelans. I will ask him to try and make contact again to see it those Whelans had a "Lawrence". I have to say thought that it would be an unusual name for someone from our Whelan family to have.


  2. Thanks Gaye

    The only thing I should perhaps add is that this Mass card may have been passed to my mother by one of the Lawlors in Dublin. So possibly it could have been a friend as opposed to a relation. But it would be a coincidence if that were the case and why would it be passed on in the family?


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