Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The McDonnells

49 Bolton Street in the 1990s

As previously mentioned Anne McDonnell had a brother named John McDonnell who was blind . He died on March 30 1958 at a Dublin Hospital . He was late of 36 Sean MacDermott Street ( and formerly of 49 Bolton Street ) . An obituary from the time says that John McDonnell's death was deeply regretted by his sons , sisters , nephews and nieces . He was buried at Glasnevin Cemetary .

We also have an obituary referring to another John McDonnell , this time John Bernard McDonnell who died ( unexpectedly ) on October 9th 1979 . John Bernard was the only son of the late John and Brigid McDonnell and he was late of 11 Belvedere Place and 48 Bolton Street . His death was regretted by loving relatives and his friend Gertie . His funeral took place at St.Francis Xavier Church , Gardiner Street and he was buried at Glasnevin Cemetery . We are not sure how this John McDonnell was related to Anne , possibly he was her brother's son (her nephew ) .

According to Kelly's Dublin street directories in Birmingham library , from around 1905 to about 1960 a Mrs Cath McDonnell ran a Newsagent shop at number 40 Bolton Street . Number 41 , next door , is described as 'Tenements' . From 1960 to about 1967 the newsagent at 40 Bolton Street was run by Josephine McDonnell until the shop became a Continental Crafts shop in 1967 and later the Cafolla , N , cafe in 1975 .

Throughout the past ninety or so years numbers 49 and 48 Bolton Street ( or North Bolton Street to be exact ) were registered as tenements with various small shops on the ground floor . In 1905 a draper named M.O'Carroll kept shop at number 49 whilst next door was Nicholas McCluskey , a hairdresser and perfumer . In 1910 both shops were run by Dolan & Sons , Salt Stores , but by 1915 number 49 had returned to being a drapery shop, this time run by Miss O'Farrell and 48 was listed as tenements . An interesting name at number 49 in 1930 was Mrs M.F.Lawlor who kept a dairy and grocery shop , although in 1939 the proprietor of the dairy shop was P.Brady . In 1957 , 49 Bolton Street was a grocer's shop run by E.J.Mulhall and 48 was the dairy , this time kept by M.Morgan . In 1965 the whole of shops 49 and 51 was called Motor Spares Ltd , whilst M.Morgan was now the grocer at number 48 .

Joan recalls that Granny's sister lived in a small cottage in the back yard of 49 Bolton Street :

" Granny had a bed-ridden sister who lived in an annexe at the back of Bolton Street . I remember that she made us some little milk covers which she sent over just after Denis was born ... so she would have been still alive in 1959 ".

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