Monday, 11 January 2010

Miscellaneous information


.The following is a list of miscellaneous references appertaining to Whelan and McDonnels living in and around Dublin in the 1800s, who were registered various in old documents and records. I don't think any of these people are related to us but it's interesting to keep hold of the information just in case.

A brief search of Birth Indexes at Joyce House , Dublin , quickly showed that the name 'John Whelan' was extremely popular in Ireland in the 1880s and 1890s . Several John Whelans were registered in every section of the indexes , many of them in the Dublin area . It was therefore impossible to pinpoint our own great grandfather at that time.

According to Slaters Directory of Ireland 1846 a John McDonnell Esq was resident at Holly Villa in Rathmines ( a Dublin suburb ) and a second entry records John McDonnell Esq as being resident at 4 Marrion Square East in Dublin city itself . It is not clear if these are the same gentleman at two different addresses ( one business , one home ? ) or if indeed they are two seperate people .

Slaters Directory for 1888 records a Patrick Whelan, green grocer , at 24 Bolton Street in Dublin , whilst just up the road at 30 Bolton Street we find a Peter McDonnell , provision dealer .

According to the Slaters Business Directory of Ireland 1890 , a John M Whelan lived at 12 Great Denmark Street , Dublin . A Mrs Kate McDonnall lived at 42 Synge Street in 1905 .

Patrick Whelan the grocer remains at 24 Bolton Street in 1892 . Also in Slaters Directory of 1892 there is a John McDonnell , grocer and land merchant , listed at 91 Rathmines ( a Dublin suburb ) .

According to the Slaters Directory of 1894 there was a Patrick McDonnell living at Woodvilla , Coolmine ( a suburb of Dublin ).

A post card showing Grafton Street, Dublin in the early 1900s

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