Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Family Research

For the past couple of weeks I have been posting up short items which when read sequentially downwards constitute three complete documents relating to my family history. Two of these documents are largely drawn from my own genealogical studies which I started in about 1996, one is research into my paternal grandmother's family, the Claytons and the other about my paternal grandfather's family, the Millingtons.

The document between these is a copy of my mother's memoirs, Joan's Journey, which is an autobiographical account of her own life and to some degree the lives of her migrant parents from Dublin in the late 1930s and her siblings, the Lawlors.

Having posted these three documents onto this website in their entirity, I must now consider how to progress with documenting other genealogical and related local history data and old photographs I have been collecting but not necessarily collated sequentially thus far, especially about my mother's family roots in Ireland (the Lawlors and the Whelans) and also my wife's family history (the Dwyers and the Stones) also rooted in Ireland.

I also have many anecdotes which were told to me by my father's siblings, Nance, Kath and Fred prior to their deaths in the last decade, relating to life in Ladywood from the 1930s onwards and lots of other bits and pieces of interest I have written or made notes about since my research began in 1996.

There may therefore be a lot more jumping around from now on as my posts become slightly more random, though I will at some point attempt to index the whole blog so that visitors can locate particular items of family history. In the meantime, I hope you are sympathetic to the challenges facing me as a blog editor and manage to make sense of the information which is to follow.

Pete Millington

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