Sunday, 3 January 2010

Other Adderleys in the 1881 census

According to the 1881 census, Alfred’s mother Caroline Adderley was living at 1 court 4 Upper Gough Street. By this time his father William had died – Caroline is recorded as a 61 year old widow. Also living in the house is Elizabeth Adderley, listed as Caroline’s 18 year old daughter, a pen maker. From this evidence we can assume that William Adderley died somewhere between 1862 and 1881.

Not too far away from Ellis Street in 1881, a young couple wih the surname Adderley were living at court 3 number 8 Exeter Road. Joseph Adderley was a 21 year old bone turner from Birmingham and his wife Phoebe was a 21 year old wood button polisher from Bilston in Staffordshire. This young couple did not have any children in 1881 but did share the address with another couple, Alfred and Harriet Freeth (aged 22 and 19) who worked as a Coal Labourer and a Wood Button Polisher.

The same couple (Joseph and Phoebe Adderley) also appear in the 1891 census, this time living at 12 Richmond Place, Bishopsgate Street. By 1891 Joseph and Phoebe were both 31. He was by then an Ivory and Bone Turner. In 1891 they had 3 children: Albert 8, Agnes 5 and John A was 2. I would like to obtain more evidence to substantiate my theory that Joseph could have been the younger brother of Phoebe’s father Alfred.

Another family of possible interest recorded in the 1881 census is that of Henry Carpenter aged 43, a loco engine driver from Wilmcote and his 44 year old wife Elizabeth from Worcestershire. The couple had 2 sons, Charles 21 a stone breaker and William 18 a builder’s labourer. Again, this couple lived quite close to the Adderley family at 7 court 5 Bow Street. My speculation here is that this Henry Carpenter could have been related to Phoebe’s mother Emma – as her maiden name was Carpenter and she also originated from Wilmcote. Also, her father’s name was registered as Henry Carpenter on her marriage certificate.

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