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Stone family and ancestors

Edward and Catherine Stone with oldest daughter Ann
My wife Theresa's mother is Catherine (or Kitty) Dwyer, nee Stone. She was born at Lurgan near Clara in County Offaly, Ireland.

Kitty Dwyer's parents were Edward Stone ( 1883 - 1949 ) and Catherine Flanagan . Edward Stone was born on 19th February 1883 and his birth was registered in Mullingar on February 27th of that year by Anne McTiernan who was present at the birth ( reference Volume 3 Page 280 number 359 ).

Edward was born in Mullingar, his father Daniel Stone is recorded as being a Publican and his mother is recorded as Mary Stone nee. Duffy.

As mentioned previously in this blog, Edward married Catherine Flanagan ( Kate ) in the quarter ending 30th September 1924 and the marriage was registered in Athlone ( Reference Volume 3 Page 11 ) .

The couple had five children who all grew up at Lurgan. Edward and Catherine are both buried at Tubber Cemetary near Moate along with their daughter Mary who died at the age of nineteen,

The Stones were very self sufficient at Lurgan , they kept their own pigs for slaughter and every summer when the Coxes apple tree in the yard bore fruit Edward would sack them up for Christmas. The children had a very long walk from Lurgan to school in Moate and in those days they were quite poor and would have had inadequate clothing and footwear .

Kitty remembers that when she was a child Catholics and Protestants were strongly discouraged from mixing socially. There was once a Protestant funeral procession from Moate up to the cemetary at Ballymoor which all the local children followed out of interest. The following morning the Catholic priest came into the school and was furious with the children for going anywhere near a Protestant church .

Catherine Stone lived longer than her husband and lived for some time with her daughter Liz and family . She had a period of ill health prior to her death in the early 1980s . Edward died in 1947 .

Sisters Kitty and Ann either side of their mother Catherine Stone

The Stones had five children ; Ann ( Aunt Nan ) was the eldest, born in 1926, followed by Mary who was born in 1928 , then Daniel in 1930 , then Catherine ( Kitty ) born on 14th December 1932 and finally Elizabeth ( Liz ) born in 1936 .

Ann Stone married Billy Kelly , a farmer , and they had three children ; Thomas John ( T. J.), Kathleen and Cormack . T.J. trained in agricultural studies and works in the field of dairy farming , he married Ann and they have three daughters.

Kathleen trained as a telephonist with Telephone Eirean . She married Liam Daly secretly in Rome , Italy . They have two children .

When Billy Kelly died he left his land to his youngest son , Cormack . Cormack married Bernadette ( an infant school teacher ) and they have three boys. Billy Kelly is buried at Tubber Cemetary .

The Dwyer family of Newton Road, Sparkhill
Michael, Terence, Edward, Kevin, Angela, Imelda, Theresa and mum Kitty

Kitty Stone went to the Carmalite School in Moate . She was taught by nuns under a very strict regime . She left school with a leaving certificate noting her skills and achievements in cooking, embroidery and singing . She worked in Dublin as a chamber maid and it was here that she met Edward Dwyer from Wexford . Kitty married Edward Dwyer ( 15.6.15 - 03.6. 87 ) in Dublin and they moved to Birmingham , England in the mid 1950s . Kitty and Edward had seven children.

Elizabeth Stone ( Aunt Liz ) married Tom Kennedy ( an engineer with the local Council ). They lived in a place called New Bristy . They had three sons.

Daniel Stone ( Uncle Dan ) remained a bachelar all of his life . There is a story that in his thirties Dan fell in love with a local girl named Catherine Kelly , an Irish Dance teacher who lived with her brother in Moate , but his mother strongly disapproved of him marrying and so their love was never consumated . After the engagement was broken , Daniel lived for many years at Lurgan with his mother until she became too ill and moved in with the Kennedys . Catherine Kelly died a few years ago . Dan was a warm and well-loved man , quiet and humble in temperament . He is best remembered on his farm at Lurgan surrounded by his animals , dogs , cats , donkies , sheep , cows and his big shire horse , Paddy . His nephews and nieces from England used to come and stay in the school holidays and had great fun helping Dan out at Lurgan , every summer he would get out the donkey and trap for the children to ride around town . Dan always kept a little dog as his companion . He also enjoyed playing bingo almost every night.

Kitty, Ann, Dan and Liz outside Lurgan


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