Saturday, 2 January 2010

Terence and Phoebe remain in Lee Bank

As has been previously mentioned, Phoebe Adderley married Terence John Millington at St Jude’s Established Church in Birmingham city centre on 7th October 1899 (Terence using the Christian name Edwin). Phoebe was living at 3 back of 5 court Bow Street at the time of the marriage and Terence at 36 Thorpe Street – both streets were close to the Horse Fair area at Holloway Head, Lee Bank.

Both Phoebe and Terence had been born and had grown up in the same area and we have already heard mention of some half a dozen street names in the Lee Bank and city centre areas where both families had lived at various points throughout the previous 50 plus years. We will recall that Terence was born in Wharf Street, close to the canals of Lee Bank and 77 years later he died within a quarter of a mile of Wharf Street, just a few streets away in Bishopsgate Street.

When the couple married in 1899, Phoebe was four months pregnant with their first child, William Joseph Millington (my grandfather). William was born on the 7th March 1900 at 3 Shipton Place, Saint Martins Street, very close to Five Ways.

The family are recorded at the same address in the 1901 census. Terence is recorded as a 20 year old labourer brass turner whilst Phoebe, also recorded as 20, was a worker in the screw trade. William J Millington was their only child and was aged 1. The only other resident with this small family at 3 Shipton Place was Harriet Adderley, a 17 year old boarder also working in the screw trade. As has been mentioned previously, this young woman was Phoebe’s youngest sister whose mother has by then remarried Henry James of William Street.

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