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Terence Millington marries Phoebe Adderley of Lee Bank

Terence Millington (1881-1959)

My great grandparents, Terence Millington and Phoebe Adderley married at St Jude’s church in the Smithfield Market ward of central Birmingham on 7th October 1899.

St Jude’s was an Established Church on Hill Street near New Street Station. The curate at the marriage was Philipe H Baines and the witnesses were John Hanhinson and Annie Wigley.

What is interesting about the marriage certificate of Terence and Pheobe was that Terence gave his first name as Edwin when he got married. This was the only time he ever used the name Edwin, it wasn’t his middle name (which was John) and to my knowledge does not occur elsewhere in the family. We know that this was definitely Terence because of so many other consistent facts on the marriage certificate such as their ages and the names and occupations of their fathers. Besides which there is no other record of a marriage of a Phoebe Adderley to someone with the surname Millington anywhere in the UK. Why did Terence use another name just for his wedding?

At the time of his marriage Terence was working as a galvaniser and was a bachelor from 36 Thorpe Street (the road linking Hurst Street and Horse Fair on which stood the entrance to the Drill Hall of the Royal Warwickshire regiment at the back of the Empire Palace – now the Hippodrome Theatre). We know that Terence was 18 at the time of his marriage to Phoebe, although on his marriage certificate he claimed to be 20. His father was named as John Millington, a labourer.

Phoebe was only 17 when she married Terence, although on the marriage certificate she claims to be 19. It is not difficult to work out that the couple married about five months before the birth of their eldest child William Joseph (who was our grandfather). Perhaps this was partly behind why Terence used a false name when he got married and why the couple both added a couple of years to their ages. Could it also have been connected to the fact that Terence is generally a Roman Catholic name, but the couple were married in an Anglican church?

Phoebe’s father was named as Alfred Adderley, deceased. Her address was given as 5 court 3 house Bow Street (the road linking Windmill Street and Irving Street close to the Horse Fair area at Holloway Head.

About the Adderley Family

Our great grandmother, Phoebe Adderley, the wife of Terence Millington, was born on the 30th March 1882 at back 17 Ellis Street near Holloway Head in Birmingham city centre. Her father was named as Alfred Adderley, a stationary engine driver, and her mother was Emma Adderley, formerly Carpenter.

The Adderleys were a large family. One year before Phoebe was born they are recorded in the census of 1881 at 3 court 17 house Ellis Street in the district of St Thomas. Alfred Adderley was 32 years old in 1881 and working as an engine driver. According to the census, Alfred was born in Birmingham although his 30 year old wife Emily Adderley was born in Wilmcote in Warwickshire (Wilmcote is a small village a few miles outside Stratford upon Avon).

In 1881 the Adderleys had 6 children registered in the census: Sarah Jane was 9, Alfred was 8, Rosemund was 6, Joseph was 2, Blanche was 1 and Henry was only 6 months old. Phoebe would therefore have been their seventh child, with two more children, Harriet and then William born in 1884 and 1885.

Stationary engines came in all shapes and sizes and in the days before electricity were essential pieces of equipment in every sphere of industry. Operating one of these engines, Alfred Adderley would have worked in noisy, hot and oily conditions.


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