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Digging even deeper at Lurgan


Griffith's Valuation was a count of households and land in Ireland betweenn 1847 and 1864. The 1854 index of surnames just for the parish of Kilmanaghan in County Offaly alone is very long so I have extracted and printed only the names of people listed in the townland of Lurgan below. Some of the surnames we can recognise from the 1911 Census such as Callaghan, Henson, Low and of course Stones.

Note there are two people with the surname Stones listed, one is John and one Timothy. I know already that there was an ancestor named Timothy Stones who was noted as the father of Daniel Stone on his marriage certificate.

Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - Kilmanaghan, County Offaly

Surname    First Name   Townland        Parish                 County    

Callaghan    James            Lurgan              Kilmanaghan        Offaly

Fox            Michael          Lurgan             Kilmanaghan         Offaly

Gough       Joseph            Lurgan             Kilmanaghan         Offaly

Hankinson Thomas          Lurgan             Kilmanaghan         Offaly

Henson      James            Lurgan             Kilmanaghan          Offaly

Henson      John              Lurgan             Kilmanaghan           Offaly

Low          Robert           Lurgan             Kilmanaghan          Offaly

Mc Guire   Patrick          Lurgan             Kilmanaghan          Offaly

Stones       John             Lurgan            Kilmanaghan           Offaly

Stones       Timothy       Lurgan            Kilmanaghan           Offaly

Most common surnames in Kilmanaghan in 1854

Surname & No of Households

Daly 14

Murray 8

Bracken 7

Grennan 7

Stones 7

Higgins 5

Keenehan 5

McLoughlin 5

Egan 4

Holmes 4

Note of Lowe in Griffiths Evaluation, 1854

Found in a website about the Lowe family in Ireland
Robert Low 2 plots in Lurgan, Kilmanaghan parish, Kings Co. This townland is adjacent to Ballyscarvan, with Ballynamuddagh next to it. This was Robert Lowe of Cornaher; he was born and raised his children on his farm in Lurgan. This is the farm with the stone house and stone outbuildings, and tenant's stone house in the yard, that Don Lowe visited. Robert had 61 acres, and two house-sized plots nearby.

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