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The Dwyer family of Wexford

The Dwyer Family of Sparkhill , Birmingham

Family History

My wife's father, Edward Dwyer ( Ned ) was born in Wexford, Ireland in 1915 and died at East Birmingham (Heartlands) Hospital in 1987 at the age of 72. Edward was one of six children ; George , Sarah (Sis ), Patsy, Andy and Mat. Three of the children ( Edward , Patsy and Andy ) left Wexford to live in Birmingham , England .

Edward Dwyer met and married Catherine ( Kitty ) Stone of Moate in 1954 in Dublin.  They had seven children - their first child Michael was born in 1955. They then moved to live at 81 Newton Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham where the other children were born ; Terence in 1957 , Edward in 1959, twins Angela and Kevin in 1961, Imelda in 1963 and Theresa in 1964 .

Electoral records for the Sparkhill Ward ( Polling District BBM 715 ) do not show Edward and Catherine Dwyer at 81 Newton Road before 1957 . Prior to 1957 the property was occupied by Mr & Mrs Bradley and Mr & Mrs Willis . However , we do find records of Andrew and Ann J Dwyer at 74 Newton Road in 1956. 

By 1967 we discover in the records that Edward and Catherine Dwyer are most definitely established at number 81 Newton Road , along with Francis Barton at the same address. At number 80 we find James & Verna Webster and Sarah Boag , and at number 82 we discover that the neighbours are Joe and Agnes Carey. Also at this time we see that Andrew and Anne J Dwyer are still at number 74 .

Edward Dwyer worked at Nuffields, later he worked at British Leyland . Edward liked a drink in the pubs of Sparkhill and loved working on his allotment where he produced fruit and vegetables . He also enjoyed breeding Jack Russell dogs. He is remembered fondly, he had a good sense of humour and was always very smartly dressed . In earlier years he was a heavy smoker - he gave up in 1965 and then smoked pipes for a couple of years. He built and plumbed a bathroom on the Newton Road house and was always a very practical man.

Kitty Dwyer ( nee. Stone ) worked at the local laundrette ( now a Balti restaurant ) as a pressing assistant , then she worked as a home help, later working at the Women's Hospital on Stratford Road , Sparkhill and her last job in England was as a clerical assistant at BT. Kitty is a very practical woman, good at dress making , cooking , gardening and is a devout Catholic. Following the sad death of her husband Edward in 1987, Kitty sold up and moved back to her home town of Moate.

The seven Dwyer children grew up in the family home at 81 Newton Road, Sparkhill. In their later years Kitty and Edward moved to Hall Green. All of the Dwyer children have families but I will not identify children or give other details of the private lives, jobs or whereabouts of living relatives online.


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