Sunday, 14 February 2010

John McDonnell stands for re-election: Poor Law Governer


Inn's Quay Ward Poor Law Elections

29th May, 1905

To The Burgesses

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the request of a number of Electors we, the undersigned, seek re-election as Poor Law Representatives of the Inns' Quay Ward.

During our term of office we have striven to the best of our ability, to look after the interests of the Poor with a proper regard to economy in the spending of Public money.

While deploring the alarming increase of poverty in our midst, and believing that steps should be taken to give relief where distress exists, still we considered it our duty to oppose the recent attempt to saddle the Ratepayers with the Linenhall Barracks scheme, which we believe was rightly called a pauper-manufacturing device. We contend that where distress is caused by a local paralysis in the Labour Market, a judicious extension of the Outdoor Relief system should be applied, and prevent, as far as possible, the forcing into the Union, to be branded as paupers, of decent families who are willing to work if provided with the opportunities.

We do not desire to rush in where angels fear to tread to create confusion and call it reform, as we believe that those who talk about abuses should be sure of their remedy.

The removal of the lunatics to the Asylum, and the consumptives to a Sanitorium, would completely relieve the present congested state of the Union, and would relieve rather than increase their rates.

For the past six years Mr McDonnell has been indefatigable in his interest in and advocacy of the cause of the Blind. He has succeeded in having resolutions passed and representations constantly made to the Government with a view to legislation giving State Aid to the Blind in Ireland, and so relieving the Loacl rates, while conferring a necessary benefit on a most afflicted and deserving class.

We are Nationalists and supporters of the Irish Revival movement, and we have advocated and supported with our votes the giving, where possible, of orders for supplies to Irish and Local Firms, as we consider that the people who pay the Rates may, with advantage, be given a reasonable preference.

We have always advocacted the just claims of Labour, and will continue, if elected to support the Fair Wages Resolution of the Board.

As Catholics, and bearing in mind the Pastoral of His Grace the Archbishop, we are fully alive to the necessity of safeguarding the religion of children entrusted to our care.

John McDonnell, P.L.G., 49 Bolton St, late Chancery St.,
Nicholas McCluskey, P.L.G., 48 Bolton Street

Sinn Feinn, Sinn Fein Amain


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