Sunday, 14 February 2010

Vote for John McDonnell!


Poor Law Elections, 1911

To The Electors of Inns Quay Ward

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In view of the approaching Poor Law Elections, we take this opportunity of soliciting your vote and influence on behalf of Mr John McDonnell, who has been again selected as the candidate of the National League of the Blind, and in whom you repeated your confidence on two former occassions.

To truly estimate the invaluable service rendered by Mr McDonnell to the cause of the blind in his public capacity would be an impossible task within the domain of this circular, entailing as it would an unbroken record of diligence and self sacrifice of which few, if any, in public life can equal.

The energy and ability by which he has stoically devoted himself to the consideration of the many important questions affecting the social and industrial welfare of the Blind has by this time gained the appreciation of every class without distinction.  His sympathy in the interests of the afflicted poor are self-recommending testimonials, of which the electors of the Inns Quay Ward should be justly proud.

In urging the re-election of Mr McDonnell, we desire to briefly emphasise the necessity that exists for affording direct Poor Law representation to the Blind as being essential from every point of view, but especially because the various Poor Law Boards of the country are to a large extent responsible for their supervision and care. Direct representation is the most satisfactory means of ensuring that the ratepayer's money is described to the objects for which it is intended, to alleviate the sufferings of a class totally dependent upon public donation, a class willing but unable under existing circumstances to adequately provide for themselves.

With confidence, therefore, and on their behalf, we appeal to the good sense and intelligence of the electors to vote for one who has accomplished much significant work, and who has proved himself to be a genuine benefactor to the Blind, while his record attendance at the Board meetings testifies to his attentions to the general interests of the public.

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