Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Whelans - more old photographs

Lily, Mary, Kitty and Margaret, Granny and Granddad Whelan, John ( my Dad ), Jimmy, Dick, Peter and Pat

Sean Whelan writes: "This is the most well known picture and the only one we have of the family which was hanging on the wall in the drawing room of 49 Bolton Street for as long as I can remember. We do not know when it was taken or where but these are all your mother's Aunts and Uncles".

Gaye Mulholland writes: "This was the wedding of Sean Whelan (John jnr’s and Mollie’s son) to Eileen. Sitting on the floor is Patrick Whelan. Then from left is Patrick’s wife Florrie, Eileen (James Whelan’s wife), Mollie Whelan (nee Leonard) John jnr.’s wife, then her son Sean (the groom) beside his new wife Eileen, my Mother Margaret Younge (nee Whelan), Emily Whelan (nee Younge) who was Richard (Dick) Whelan’s wife, she is sitting next to her brother my Father Denis Younge and on the end is James Whelan."

Gaye writes "This was also taken in the yard of 49 Bolton Street. This time the window of the cottage is on the left and everyone is standing outside the backdoor of 49. A lot of these people have familiar faces that I can’t put names to which may indicate that they are not relatives but friends or neighbours. The ones I recognise are as follows from left the first lady is Eileen (James Whelan’s wife) next to her my mother Margaret, is that granny Lawlor next to her? I can’t make out anyone else till you come to grandad Whelan (John snr.) standing in the middle and next to him granny Anne Whelan (nee McDonnell), I don’t recognise anyone else apart from the man standing behind and between granny and grandad could be either their son James or Pat and the 3rd person in on the right popping her head out is definitely Florrie Whelan (nee Melodie) who was Pat’s wife."

Gaye writes "shows my Dad Denis Younge second from right and on the far left his son in law Tony Mockler who was my sister Marjorie’s husband. My Dad died in 1985 and was followed only two years after by Tony who died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage having survived one about 18 years previously. The lady and gentleman in that photo with them are James Whelan (your nanny Lawlor’s brother) and his wife Eileen."

"Starting from the left we have Richard (Dick) Whelan, granny Whelan (Anne nee McDonnell), Paddy Leonard, Eileen (Jame’s Whelan’s wife) and behind is Emily (nee Younge) who was Dick’s wife. "

Gaye writes: "from left Grace Doyle (nee Leonard), my brother Denis jnr. (Denny) Younge and Phylis Whelan (John and Mollie’s daughter). "

Gaye writes: "thiis my Father Denis Younge Snr. and his sister Emily Whelan (nee Younge). "
Gaye writes: "Mollie Whelan (nee Leonard), Eileen Whelan (James Whelan’s wife), Emily Whelan (nee Younge) and Mollie’s friend who may have been called Rosaleen."


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