Sunday, 28 March 2010

Carpenter family tree from Aston Cantlow to Lee Bank

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Pulling together the information in the posts below concerning the Carpenter family who originated in the South Warwickshire village of Aston Cantlow near Wilmote in the late 1700s, the family tree above shows four generations of the Carpenter family from William and Elizabeth, born in the late 1700s to Phoebe Adderley (my g-grandmother) who married Terence Millington.

What is quite interesting here are the large families including the 13 children of Hannah Keasey (the oldest and 14th child George was her step son). There are gaps in this tree, I don't know if there were marriages and children for some siblings at the 2nd generation level and have not shown the off-shoots from the siblings at the third generation (which are available from Freda's tree on the Genes Reuinted site).

So potentially this tree could be much bigger than the illustration above, but I have restricted it to a direct genetic line after the third generation. There is a lot of research to do around the Adderley family alone, with nine children growing up in the Lee Bank area there is obviously enormous potential to connect with living descendants. So far I have been in contact with descendants of Harriet Adderley, who seems to have been a close sister to my g-granny Phoebe and also with descendants of the oldest child Sarah Jane who married a man named Hudson.


  1. Hi Pete,

    I am tracing my Carpenter line and came across your website. I notices that you are linked to my fifth g-grandparents William and Elizabeth Carpenter and my forth great grandfather Joseph. I have info on William's and Elizabeth's parents if you don't. My line moved from B'ham to Canada in 1907.

    I haven't read all of your info yet, but am finding it very interesting. On that note, I will get back to reading your info. Cheers and hope to talk again soon.

    John Cole,
    Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada

  2. Thanks for this note John. I'd be very interested to learn more.

    Pete Millington

  3. Good evening Pete, I too would like learn more about the Carpenters, particularly those on the English side. Is there a way to exchange email addies to do so, I don't see your's on this site for more direct correspndance?

    As for my Carpenter line I am not sure how much you know beyond Joseph and his siblings. I am descended from his son James, b 1844. Most of my lot seemed to have stayed in the Wooton Wawen, Aston Cantlow and Birmingham area for the most part from what I can tell so far.

    Talk again soon, cheers.


  4. Hi John

    So sorry for my slow response, email address is Would be great to exchange information - though most of mine is on this website!


    1. Hello Pete,

      I am in the UK doing some family history research. I am planning to be in Warwickshire next week hoping to learn more about my Carpenter ancestors :-)

  5. Is there away to get a paper copy of your book?