Sunday, 21 March 2010

Extended Finn family tree

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Piecing together the information that Jamie Evans has uncovered in the past few weeks, pinpointing local families who appear to be connected to the Finn family of 19th century Newtown, Duddeston, Hockley and Ladywood, and putting this information together with data I already know about my direct ancestors and those of another researcher named Gerald Payne, we can start to develop a speculative tree along the basis of the chart above.

All of these people apparently descending from just two brothers that we know about at the moment, Patrick and Martin Finn. Martin Finn was my g-g-g-grandfather, we know he had two sons, James (g-grandfather of Gerald Payne) and Thomas (my g-g-grandfather). My guess, and one I think Jamie concurs with is that the various families he has uncovered such as the McKiernans who went to Cleveland, were the children of Patrick Finn, so we begin to look at cousins and then second cousins emerging from this tightly knit Irish / Catholic quarter of late 19th century Birmingham and an extended family who maintained close links at least up until the 1920s even when 2 or 3 families moved permanently to Ohio.

Below is a similar tree, this time for the Flynn family (Bridget Flynn is married to Thomas Finn in the above chart). All of these families lived in the same close knit Irish quarter of Newtown in 19th century Birmingham as the extended Finn family above. There are still big gaps in this research and I don't know who most of these descendants married, so one can imagine how much larger the interconnected Finn and Flynn family trees might yet become.

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