Sunday, 14 March 2010

Is there anybody out there?

Continued from the blog post above.

During his online research into the Finn family connections in Cleveland, Ohio, Jamie Evans came across an enquiry posted onto a genealogy website 9 years ago. He is attempting to track down the person who made the following post:

Jamie tells us:

We must now bring the search forward 70 YEARS, found on the Ancestry web site was this appeal for information dated 11/4/2001 from a person using the name HMINSER.

McKiernan, Finn, Cregan+

HMINSER (View posts) Posted: 11 Apr 2001 6:41PM GMT

Classification:  Surnames.

I am seeking information on the family of Ann Finn who was married to Thomas McKiernan. Ann died abt 18 Sep 1945. Ann and Tom had the following children Thomas, John, Edward, Bernard, Kathryn (who married a Whalen) Julia (who married William D. Cregan) Sister Marie Nativa H.H.M. and Mary who married a Mr. Duncan. They were from the Cleveland Ohio area.

Jamie continues:

The person who wrote this request must have been very close to he family as they named all the children in the correct order and the one child that they do not name (ANNIE) they gave her, her new name and title, as SISTER MARIE NATIVA H.H.M, I feel sure that this must be 'Aunt Nell'. How many families have a Nun in it?

A second enquiry from the same person,

Ann FINN/Thomas McKIERNAN: OH, USA 1900s

Replies: 0

Ann FINN/Thomas McKIERNAN: OH, USA 1900s

HMINSER (View posts) Posted: 11 Apr 2001 6:25PM

Classification: Query

Surnames: Finn, McKiernan, Cregan

I am seeking information about the parents and family of an Ann Finn in Cleveland, OH who married a Thomas McKiernan.

Thomas died abt 9 Jan 1941 and Ann died abt 18 Sep 1945. One of their children was a daughter Julia who married William D. Cregan.

If memory serves me right William Cregan (1907-1966), was chief of police in Bratenhal, OH, back in the 60s. Any information would be a big help.

Jamie continues:

I have tried E mailing the person who put that information on Ancestry but it was 9 years ago, I will therefore place a similar request on Ancestry and a Genealogy site in Cleveland to see if it can generate some interest, also I will try and contact the Convent of the Good Shepherd in Cleveland as this seems the most likely order Sister Marie Nativa was a member of, they might be able to help!!

I have not positively identified who Julie Robinson is yet, but will continue trying and let you know.

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