Saturday, 13 March 2010

My first Family History presentation

I had a trip up the M6 to Walsall yesterday to Walsall Indpendent Living Centre in Bridge Street on the invitation of a pal of mine, Roy Cadman who manages the centre. Roy invited me to give a presentation on family history to a group of 10 local people.

I very much enjoyed the experience, thankfully most of the people around the table were enthusiastic beginners and I hope I was able to impart some useful starters as well as some of my enthusiasm for family history. I'm no expert genealogist and everything on this website has been discovered through sheer perseverance and trial and error, both by me and by like minded relations, many of whom I never even knew existed before I started my research in about 1995.

But in case I'm planning a new career out of this, I got paid £20 and when I returned to my car I found I'd paid the Sunday parking rate by mistake and received a parking fine for £25! So I won't give up the day job(s) just yet.

But at the end of the day, there is no money in the world that can replace the value of family history. Indeed, one of the lessons that family history research does show us is... we come into this world with nothing and we sure as heck go back out of it on equal pegging too!

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