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All the way from America - Finn family latest update

After our brief sojourn into rural Warwickshire, we return to the unfolding saga of the Finn family members who settled in Cleveland, Ohio from the late 1800s onwards. It has now got to a stage where I wait for the latest instalment of research from Jamie Evans with great excitement and his latest email does not disappoint.

SS Carinthia

This time Jamie's scrutiny of the passenger manifests of ships sailing between England and America edges us just sightly closer to the present day with the discovery of a journey made by Frederick and Mary Payne who sailed on the SS Carinthia from Southampton to New York on 10th September 1932. Listed in the manifest are Frederick and Mary PAYNE, both aged 60 years, and retired. Frederick stating he was born in Stoke, Coventry, Mary in Birmingham.

This couple are without doubt the couple whom we know set up Danny Boy Coaches (or Paynes Coaches) in Aston in the early 1900s. Mary Payne was born Mary Finn and was the cousin of my great grandmother, Mary Clayton who was also named Mary Finn at birth. These two women were the same age and their fathers were brothers, Thomas and James Finn.

Jamie adds this poignant observation about the SS Carinthia "this ship was torpedoed on 6th June 1940 off the Irish Coast near Galway Bay, by U 46 with only 4 deaths".

He goes on to provide us with some fascinating information gleaned from the ship's manifest:

"On the second page of the manifest, they give personal details, they state that their next of kin is their daughter Mrs Elisa HUGHES who lives at 18, Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham, if you remember Thomas McKiernan gave this address but no district when he came over with his wife Annie in 1930, so we now know where they were staying. Have you any details about the daughter? I believe that in the 1930s this would have been a very desirable place to live in Birmingham, the daughter must have been doing well".

Pete: I have in the past had it confirmed to me by descendants of Mary Payne (Ian Payne and his father Gerald), that the Payne family did become very affluent around this time with a number of business interests, not least the coach travel company. I also collected oral history accounts about Mary Payne's family from my aunt, Kathleen Robinson (nee. Millington) before her death a few years ago and Kath recalled Mary's daughter Lizzie running errands for Mary, including the collection of rents from tennants of the Paynes in Newtown. There is a strong possibility therefore that the Lizzie whom my aunty Kath recalled and this Elisa Hughes of Moseley were one and the same person.

Jamie continues:

"They give the person they are going to visit in the USA as AUNT Julia Robinson, 11310, Miles Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, this is the person who most of the Birmingham people travelling to Cleveland, Ohio stated they were visiting, however I have been unable to positively identify who she is, (but more details below)".

Pete: All I would add at this stage is that the occurance of the surname Robinson (my aunty Kathleen Robinson and Julia Robinson of Ohio) twice in the relating of this research is most probably a coincidence as Kath would without doubt have known had her husband's family been related to her own just two generations back, but having said this, we can never discount anything in family history.

Jamie continues his report of the ships manfest:

"Frederick Payne states that he has visited Cleveland, Ohio previously for a month in 1928. It would appear that Frederick and his wife were travelling First Class as listed directly below them on the ships manifest are some travelling companions, they are Graham N. Jeffries, aged 32, his wife Lorna aged 28, son, Roderic aged 5 and his widowed mother Elizabeth Jeffries, aged 61, all of London, they are travelling to New York,

"The family are going to visit an Aunt named Mrs Constance Montague of 105 West 55th Street, New York and stated that she also lives at 69, New Bond Street, London W.1.

A Graham Jeffries novel, this one under the pseudonym Peter Bourne

"Graham Jeffries was a now long forgotten famous author of the 1930's, who also used the pseudonym 'Bruce Graeme', publishing his first of a series of books in 1925, called 'Blackshirt' who was a gentleman crook, in 1952 his son Roderic took over writing the books continuing with the same subject. Whether Frederick and Mary Payne had the opportunity to spend sometime with this famous author and his family we may never know!!

"From the 1890's to the 1930's we have Birmingham relatives travelling to and from the USA and particularly Cleveland, Ohio, the majority when giving details on who they are going to visit on US Immigration forms state JULIA ROBINSON some add AUNT.

"From trawling Ancestry, Census's etc, there is only one person who could be the above Julia Robinson, this is JULIA FINN who according to her birth certificate was born on 5th June 1877, at 9 Court, Weaman Street, Birmingham, to James and Mary FINN".

"I believe that theses are the parents as shown at 22, Lench Street which is off Weaman Street, Birmingham, in the 1881 Census:

James FINN Head M Male 47 Ireland Labourer

Mary FINN Wife M Female 45 Ireland

Ann FINN Daur U Female 18 Birm, Warwick, England Dressmaker

Thomas FINN Son Male 14 Birm, Warwick, England Polisher (Artzn)

James FINN Son Male 10 Birm, Warwick, England Scholar

Mary Ann FINN Daur Female 9 Birm, Warwick, England Scholar

Thomas BALDIFORD Boarder M Male 27 Birm, Warwick, England Cushioner Gun Trade

Ellen BALDIFORD Boarder M Female 22 Birm, Warwick, England

John BALDIFORD Boarder U Male 7 Birm, Warwick, England

Henry COLLINS Boarder U Male 18 Oxford, Oxford, England Coach Harness Work

Thomas WELSH Boarder U Male 32 Ireland Bricklayer Labourer

Edward WILLIAMS Boarder U Male 20 Birm, Warwick, England Brass Caster

Evans WILLIAMS Boarder U Male 18 Birm, Warwick, England Gun Barrel Filer

"However living at the address where Julia Finn was born (in 1877) in the 1881 census were:

Thos. FINN Head M Male 36 Galway, Ireland Blayers Lab

Bridget FINN Wife M Female 34 Galway, Ireland Press Worker

Mary FINN Daur Female 9 Birmingham, Warwick, England Scholar

Annie FINN Daur Female 6 Birmingham, Warwick, England Scholar

Margret FINN Daur Female 4 Birmingham, Warwick, England Scholar

Ellen FINN Daur Female 2 Birmingham, Warwick, England

Mary FLYNN Mother W Female 60 Galway, Ireland Hkeeper

Margret FLYNN Sister In Law U Female 26 Galway, Ireland Press Worker

Maria FLYNN Sister In Law U Female 24 Galway, Ireland Iron Bedstead Polisher

Mary BALICAN Board U Female 40 Galway, Ireland Press Worker

Source of information:

Dwelling 10H 9 Ct Weaman St

Census PlaceBirmingham, Warwick, England

Family History Library Film 1341716

Public Records Office Reference RG11

Piece / Folio 2997 / 109

Page Number 14

Jamie has also emailed with the following research records found in the Cleveland Library Archives showing the death notice of Julia Robinson and many other Cleveland relatives up until 1966. This is really incredible material and will assist us in finally putting together all of the jigsaw pieces that he has uncovered in the past few weeks to plot out the full tree of the Finn siblings (4 daughters) who went to Cleveland, Ohio in the early 1900s. These records not only prove beyond doubt that the people named Robinson, McKiernan and Ratchford were sisters with the shared maiden name Finn, but they also give us new details about spouses, sons and daughters and even an indication of grand children in the USA. Jamie tells us that his next aim is to track down living descendants in the States. In the meantime I will spend some time analysing these records to see if we can form them into a tree diagramme.  

Holy Name RC Church, Cleveland, Ohio

Id#: 0098402

Name: Finn, Mary

Date: June 30, 1926

Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #025.

Notes: Finn-Mary, beloved sister of Mrs. Ellen Ratchford, Mrs. Edward Robinson, Mrs. Thomas McKiernan; aunt of Sister Marie Nativa, Jim Ratchford, Mrs. H. Asbury, Mrs. P. Shindler, Thomas McKiernan, John, Edward, Bernard, Catherine, Julia and Mary Ellen, passed away Sunday, June 27. Burial from the residence of her sister, Mrs. Edward Robinson, 11310 Miles avenue. Funeral Thursday, July 1, at 9 a. m., from Holy Name Church. Friends invited.

#: 0289109

Name: Robinson, Edward

Date: June 13, 1927

Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #069.

Notes: Robinson-Edward, beloved husband of Julia, father of William and the late Joseph, brother of the late William and Joseph, at his residence, 11310 Miles avenue. Funeral Wednesday, June 15, at 10 a. m., from Holy Name church. 1861 - 1927. Calvary Cemetery. Cleveland, Ohio.

Name: Ratchford, Ellen

Date: Jan 29 1934

Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #066.

Notes: Ratchford: Ellen (nee Finn), beloved mother of John, James, Thomas, Mrs. H. Asbury and Mrs. P. Schindler, sister of Mary Finn (deceased), Mrs. Julia Robinson and Mrs. Thomas McKiernan, passed away Saturday, Jan. 27, at 4:45 p. m., at her residence, 5513 Maurice Ave. Funeral Tuesday, Jan, 30, at 9 a. m., from St. Edward's Church

Id#: 0298894

Name: Robinson, Mrs. Julia

Date: Jul 16 1934

Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #069.

Notes: Robinson: Mrs. Julia, widow of the late Edward, beloved mother of William H., sister of Mrs. Thomas McKiernan and the late Miss Mary Finn and Mrs. Ellen Ratchford at her residence, 11310 Miles Avenue. Funeral Tuesday, July 17, at 9 a. m., from Holy Name Churc

Id#: 0220905

Name: McKiernan, Ann

Date: Sep 18 1945

Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #053.

Notes: McKiernan: Ann (nee Finn), of 419 E, 147 st., dearly beloved wife of the late Thomas P., mother of Thomas, John, Edward, Bernard, Kathryn Whalen, Julia Cregan, Sister Marie Nativa, H. H. M., and Mary Duncan. Friends may call at the William J. Donlon Funeral Home, 9213 Miles ave. Funeral Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 10 a. m. from St. Jerome's Church, 15000 Lake Shore

Id#: 0220909

Name: McKiernan, Thomas Patrick

Date: Jan 9 1941

Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #053.

Notes: McKiernan: Thomas Patrick of 550 E. 140 st., beloved husband of Ann (nee Finn); father of Thomas, jr., John, Edward, Bernard, Catherine Whalen, Julia Cregan, Sister Marie Nativa (Holy Humility of Mary), Mary Duncan. Friends may call at the Wm. J. Donlon Funeral Home, 9213 Miles ave. Funeral Friday, Jan. 10, at 10 a. m., from St. Jerome's Church, 15000 Lake Shore blvd.

Id#: 0617708

Name: McKiernan, Edward

Date: Sep 20 1952

Source: Cleveland Press; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #132.

Notes: McKiernan, Edward, residence, 8203 Laumar, beloved husband of Ann (nee Kerrigan), father of Mrs. Rita Hardy, Mrs. June Hardy, Mrs. Nancy Fisher brother of Thomas, John of Miami, Fla. Bernard Katherine Whalen, Julia Cregan, Sister Marie Nativa, H. H. M., Mary Duncan. Friends may call at William J. Donlon Funeral Home, 9213 Miles Ave. Funeral 9 a. m. Monday, Sept. 22, from Holy Name Church.

Id#: 0685491

Name: Ratchford, James

Date: Sep 15 1953

Source: Cleveland Press; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #148.

Notes: Ratchford, James, residence, 3334 Walton, beloved husband of Ann (nee Morrisrol), brother of John Rutchford and Alice Schindler. Friends may call at the Wm. J. Donlon Funeral Home, 9213 Miles Ave. Funeral Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 9:30 a. m. from St. Michael's Church, 3114 Scranton Rd.

Id#: 0685490

Name: Ratchford, Ann

Date: Nov 14 1956

Source: Cleveland Reporter; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #148.

Notes: Ratchford, Ann (nee Morrisre), wife of the late James. Friends may call at Wm. J. Donlon Funeral Home, 9213 Miles Ave. Funeral Thursday, Nov. 15, at 10 A. M. from St. Ignatius Church, Lorain and West Blvd.

Id#: 0617709

Name: McKiernan, Thomas W.

Date: Apr 20 1957

Source: Cleveland Press; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #132.

Notes: McKiernan, Thomas W., residence, 11334 Cotes Ave., beloved husband of Anna (nee Farrell), beloved father of Patricia McKenney, and grandfather of Mark, brother of John, Edward (deceased), Bernard Catherine Whalen, Julia Cregan. Sister Marie Nativa, H. H. M., Mary Ducan. Friends may call at Wm. J. Donton Funeral Home, 9213 Miles Ave., after 7 P. M. Saturday. Requiem mass Monday, Apr. 22, at 9 a. m. from Holy Name Church.

Id#: 0415013

Name: Asbury, Henry J.

Date: Jun 9 1962

Source: Cleveland Press; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #090.

Notes: Asbury. Henry J. Asbury, age 71, of Chatdon, O., beloved husband of Ellen (nee Ratchford) (deceased), father of Thomas and Henry of Cleveland, Mrs. Lucille Penkaty of Chardon, 6 grandchildren. Family will receive friends at the Ritondaro Funeral Home, Chirdon, O., Sunday 7-9 P. M., Monday 2-4 And 7-9 P. M. Funeral mass Tuesday 9 a. m. from St. Mary's Church, Chardon. Burial Calvary Cemetery.

Id#: 0465090

Name: Cregan, William D.

Date: Nov 27 1966

Source: Plain Dealer; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #102.

Notes: Cregan. William D. Cregan, late residence, 419 E. 147th St., beloved husband of Julia M. (nee McKiernan), father of William D., Joseph T., and John P., brother of Joseph T., Eileen Moore, Thomas and the late Rev. Fr. John P. Cregan, grandfather of 10. Friends may call From 2-5 And 7-10 P.M. Sunday at The Mullally Funeral Home, 365 E. 156th St. (off Lake Shore Blvd.). Services 9:30 a.m. Monday at St. Jerome Church. Member Cursillo Movement. Contributions may be made to Rosemary Home for Crippled Children.

St Jerome RC Church, Lake Shore Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio

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