Friday, 2 April 2010

Finns of Cleveland - family tree updated


Above is an updated tree showing some of the descendants of the four Finn sisters (highlighted in yellow boxes) who went from Birmingham, UK to live in  Cleveland, Ohio. Three of the sisters married men named Ratchford, McKiernan and Robinson before they went to the States, the fourth sister Mary never married.   

What should be noted is that four of their other siblings remained in Birmingham, although we are aware that several relatives, including members of the extended Finn family in Birmingham, journeyed back and forth across the Atlantic during the first part of the 20th century, visiting these American families.

I would wish again to pay tribute to fellow researcher Jamie Evans for his work in digging out all of the information which has allowed me to plot the above tree. Before about one month ago, neither of us knew any of these surnames, siblings and families, nor their relationships to one another and literally had a couple of family myths to work on. Thus, this has been a quite incredible feat by Jamie and demonstrates just what can be achieved through painstaking research in just a short time frame. There have been a few inevitable red herrings along the way, but Jamie's perseverance has consistantly built up this critical mass of evidence which ultimately leads to the comprehensive branch of the family tree above.

All we need now is a few American cousins to hit the Google search button and we're in business! Well done Jamie.

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