Saturday, 17 April 2010

Millington photos

Thanks to my sister Fiona for posting some old family photos on Facebook. Here are three, the first one below shows from left to right: my older sister Susan, older brother Denis (holding baby Fiona), me standing behind Alison and Kathryn on the right. The occasion was Fiona's baptism at St Catherine's RC Church on Bristol Street circa. 1971).

My lickle sisters Fiona and Alison, photo taken on holiday, looks like Llangennith beach on the Gower Coast, a venue we went camping to for several years in the 1970s. Slightly remote but well worth the journey for it's natural beauty. My mom and dad didn't do theme parks and popular resorts, if you could still see other human beings on the beach - you hadn't walked far enough! 

Little sister Fi with my mom Joan Millington. nee. Lawlor.


  1. Wonderful photos and a rich narration! Can't thank you enough for enlightening us to the wonders of the Gower Coast and this small family group of St. Catherines RC on Bristol Street! Blessings on you, today and always.

    Doug Payne, Sarasota - SW Florida Gulf Coast

    1. Thank you Doug that's very kind of you.