Sunday, 30 May 2010

Photos from the Nash family album (Aunty Iris's maternal line)

A very big thank you to Sylvia Weedon (nee. Barraclough), who is the daughter of Iris's cousin, Sylvia Barraclough (nee. Wearing) for sharing these three wonderful old photographs from her family album. Iris is my aunt, married to my dad's older brother Bill Millington.

The first shows (from right) Annie (nee. Nash), Caroline Nash and Sylvia Tipper (nee. Nash then second marriage became Wearing). Caroline Nash (1855-1951) was Iris's grandmother and Sylvia Weedon's great grandmother. Annie (b. 1884) and Sylvia (1879-1947) were her daughters. Their other siblings (not in the photograph) were Arthur (1897-1916), May (born 1891), William (b. 1895) and Lily (b.1887). May married William Butcher and they were Iris's parents.

The photo is probably taken at the wedding of Ellen Tipper who was Sylvia's youngest child by W Tipper.     

The next photo (below) shows Sylvia Barraclough (nee. Wearing), in the white blouse - I think there is a strong family resemblance to Iris) who is Sylvia Weedon's mother, with friends at Guildford Street, Lozells.

The final photo is a very nice protrait of Caroline Nash (1855-1951) who is Iris's grandmother.

I hope to add some more photos and information about the Nash family of Guildford Street, Lozells in the near future.

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