Sunday, 13 June 2010

Dad's slides - Spring Hill, Ladywood

Thank you to my dad Geoffrey Millington who has placed into my keeping his old slides, which I am attempting to covert into digital format. Many are of the Millington family of Monument Road, Ladywood in the 1950s and some of my mom and dad's honeymoon and various trips and holidays from around 1958 to 1960.

The one above is a shot taken from the balcony of 1A Monument Road (above the bank) looking across Spring Hill to the old library on the right and the Vine Public House on the left. Would you believe that the green van is from Birmingham City Corporation! Amazingly, the old library is the only building in this photograph still standing and the road is considerably wider too - in fact it's now the traffic island at the foot of Ladywood Middleway.

Here's another one, this was taken by my dad when he was doing national service in the late 50s.
This is at Donnington, not Castle Donnington, this one is near Wellington in Shropshire 


  1. I love that Spring Hill picture. Without the explanation, it would be baffling.

  2. I agree. I only knew this because I vaguely remember they had a balcony overlooking Spring Hill, the brick work of the library has been cleaned up a fair bit since then. That pub was the Turf wasn't it, or was it the Vine? I should ask my dad really.

  3. I think it was definately The Vine.

  4. I love that picture of the Army Barracks in Donnington Shropshire, it still looks exactly the same today, and its still an Army Barracks. I worked there in the 1980's. Have you anymore photos from there? Thanks, Gwyn Hartley.