Monday, 14 June 2010

More information on the Lee family from Sue Read

Sue's latest email provides us with more information about the Lee family, including the transcript of a fascinating hadnwritten note which details the family of her ancestors George Lee and Ann Sweetman, the great grandparents of uncle Harry Robinson. Thank you to Sue for letting me publish a few more extracts of her email:  

"Many thanks for the info about Albert Lee. It looks as if my idea that Gertrude Polly Cope and Henry Herbert Lee (my grandparents) were cousins. When I was at my sister's house a few weeks ago we went through a trunk full of photos and old documents. Amongst them we found a very old piece of paper which detailed the family of George Lee and Ann (nee Sweetman). I think it must have been written by Ann Lee. I copied down the details and they, along with other family info are detailed on the attached sheet.

Image versions of Sue's genealogy research, which includes Ann Lee's original notes from years ago.
The same information on these images is posted in text format below.  

Sue continues:

"As you will see, they do tally with those you found on the 1871 census. This means that Uncle Harry's ancestors would also have been George and Ann Lee (nee Sweetman) and I think that her father was Thomas Sweetman (born about 1796) and her mother was Mary (?)."

"I also discovered that Henry Townley's wife was called Elizabeth. We have photos which I believe are Henry Townley. I have done all of my research via FreeBMD and I haven't joined any site to view records yet as I haven't really had the time to devote to my research until now. I do plan to delve further when I have time."

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