Monday, 14 June 2010

New website format

Welcome to my family history website. Over the weekend I upgraded the website slightly to give it this new look. In doing so however, it has thrown a lot of photos out of position, so I am having to backtrack through each post to bring the images into the frames. So please bear with me as it may take a couple of weeks to work through the entire site.

I'm still receiving interesting emails and pictures on a weekly basis, including an email recently from Sue Read who is related to the Robinsons and Lees of the Vesper Bell in Ladywood (uncle Harry's family). Also lots of great photos from Sylvia Weedon who is related to Iris Millington, nee. Butcher, whose family originated from Guildford Street in Lozells.

I'm also waiting excitedly for the next instalment on the search for the Ohio Finns from Jamie Evans. I recall Jamie was off on his holidays a few weeks back and before he went he said that he was putting various feelers out in the USA in the hope of contacting descendants of the Finn family who went to Cleveland in the early 1900s - the family included a lady who became a nun. Knowing Jamie's prolific skill at uncovering genealogical gems, I am sure he will have a few more revelations for us when he gets back in touch.

I wanted to say thanks to those people who visit the website who are not either directly or even distantly related to me and I want to extend the invitation to them to send me information or photos to publish. Visitors may have read the fantastic information sent to me by Trevor Mabbett, for instance, not a relation but someone who grew up on Ledsam Street in Ladywood near the Vesper Bell pub and whose memories are very interesting and relevant to this website.

So please send me:

  • Old local photos
  • Maps, documents, etc.
  • Memories of the West Midlands / Ireland, etc.
  • Potted family histories

...and I'll add them to the site.

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