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Sue's Lee, Cope, Townley, Robinson & Sweetman family research

Family Information

Married @ Old Aston Church - 1.5.1848
Ann Sweetman B. 10.8.1830 (? 1832)
married George Lee B. 16.3.1826 (Father to Emily Clara who married George Cope)

Children :

Mary Ann Lee B. 21.1.1850 Baptised @ St. Martin’s, Birmingham

George Lee B. 30.11.1851

David William Lee B. 21.7.1854

Emily Clara Lee B. 8.11.1856 Baptised @ All Saints, Birmingham

Charles Frederick Lee B. 25.3.1859 Baptised @ All Saints, Birmingham

William Lee B. 13.4.1861

Sarah Lee B. 29.8.1864

Albert John Lee B. 28.3.1868 Baptised @ All Saints, Birmingham

Edward George Lee B. 10.7.1871

Annie Lee B. 29.1.1875 Baptised @ All Saints, Birmingham

Known marriages of some of these children:

Mary Ann Lee married Isaac Brett 12.10.1870 @ St Thomas, Birmingham

Albert John Lee (Great Grandad) B. 1869/8 D. 12.1.1949

Emily (Emmie?) Townley (Great Grandma) B. 1869 or 1870

D. 19.3.1956

Parents of Emily Townley

Henry Townley - father of Emily (Emmie?) Townley B. 1838

D. 1 Dec 1924

Wife – Elizabeth B. Abt 1833

D. Abt 1889

Siblings of Emily Townley

Julie Townley (Walsall) – sister of Emily Townley

Children of Albert Lee and Emily Townley

John Albert Lee (Postmaster) (His father – Albert John Lee & mother – Emily)

Father of Lena & Dennis

Emmie Elizabeth Lee (daughter of above) B. 28.4.1897

1 Blythe Street


1.12.1917 Edwin Herbert Robinson
Corporal Quarter Master, Devon Regiment
275 Icknield Port Road

Edwin's parents

Edward James Robinson (father of above and William (worked @ Henry Wiggins) , Samuel (worked @ Henry Wiggins), Lillian & Harold, Alexander (Squadron Leader @ Lossiemouth))

Rosina Robinson (wife of Edward James?)

Edwin and Emmie Robinsons children

Children : Emily Robinson B. 4.10.1922 Barmaid @ Vesper Bell Pub

(Married Victor Watson. Children: Trevor, Alan & Roland)

Harold Robinson (James) B. 31.3.1920 (Married Kathleen Millington)

Edward Robinson (worked at Bird’s Custard) Children: David & Margaret


Walter Frederick Lee (brother of Emmie Lee)

Albert Frederick Lee ?

Marriage of Henry Herbert Lee and Gertrude Polly Cope

Henry Herbert Lee – brother of Emmie Lee (Grandad) B. 10.5.1894
Engineer – New Imperial Motorcycles D. 7.1.1936 (Aged 41)@
Lived at 1 Blythe St before married 709 Alcester Road at Kings Heath

Married 8.6.1919

Gertrude Polly Cope B. 1888 (1887/1889)
Lived at 123 Ryland Street before married
D. 21.9.1927 (Aged 39)@ 33 Morville Street

Daughter of above couple (Sue's mum)

Gertrude Emily Lee B. 27.5.1927 @ 33 Morville Street
D. 10.10.2007

Gertrude Cope's parents

George Cope (father of Gertrude Polly Cope) Deceased by 1919

Other misc.

Harry (Henry?) Adamson – Brother-in-law to Albert John Lee

Born: 20.3.1859 at Old Meeting Street, West Bromwich

Parents of above

John Adamson (Boatbuilder)

Selina Adamson (nee Stanley)

More misc.

Albert George Lee D. 25 Aug 1965 Aged 73

James Robinson B. 31.3.1920
Toolmaker at Lucas’

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