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The family of Emily Wayne in the census

Emily A Wayne nee. Phillips was born in Kings Cross, London in 1876. Her daughter, also named Emily A Wayne, married my grandmother's brother, George Clayton. We know that the Phillips family were Jewish and, as was the common practice of Jewish families entering England in the 19th century, Phillips was probably an Anglicised surname taken by the family on arrivival. We do not know at the moment whether the Wayne family were also Jewish.

1911 census, former in-laws of Emily A Wayne at 173 Summer Lane Birmingham

WAYNE, Robert Head Married M 62 1849 House Enfield Middlesex 

WAYNE, Jane Francis Wife Married 42 years F 64 1847 Bristol Glouces
WAYNE, Rhoda Daughter Single F 42 1869 Shop Assistant Aston Warwickshire
WAYNE, Mariam Frances Daughter Single F 27 1884 Shop Assistant Aston Warwickshire
1911 census, Emily A Wayne, nee. Phillips has remarried Frederick Clayton - family living at 24 Colmore Terrace Great Hampton Row Birmingham

CLAYTON, Frederick Head Married M 37 1874 House Painter Birmingham C B

CLAYTON, Emily Annie Wife Married 5 years F 35 1876 London 

WAYNE, Emily Annie Stepdaughter F 10 1901 School London 

CLAYTON, Hilda Elizabeth Daughter F 4 1907 School Birmingham C B 

CLAYTON, Sylvia Priscilla Daughter F 2 1909 Birmingham C B 

CLAYTON, Miriam Daughter F 1 1910 Birmingham C B 

KERRIGAN, Thomas Boarder Married M 28 1883 Edging Tools Birmingham C B 

KERRIGAN, Ellen Boarder Married 10 years F 27 1884 Birmingham C B

KERRIGAN, James Boarder M 9 1902 School Birmingham C B

KERRIGAN, Thomas Patrick Boarder M 4 1907 Birmingham C B

KERRIGAN, Frederick Boarder M 1 1910 Birmingham C B 

TAYLER, Charles Henry Boarder M 48 1863 Iron Plater Worker Heredfordshire 

TAYLER, William Henry Boarder M 4 1907 Birmingham C B

1901 census, Emily Wayne at 27, 4, House Court, Summer Lane, Birmingham

Emily is listed in the 1901 census as the wife of the head of the household, even though her husband is not on this census record.

Emily's condition is described as married, she was 25 years old in 1901, her birth year was 1876. Her occupation was Printer Layer On.

Emily's daughter, Emily A Wayne, was also listed in this small household. She was just 6 months old (birth year 1901) and was born in Bow, London.

The third person listed in the household was Rhoda Wayne, described as Emily's sister-in-law. Rhoda was single, aged 32 (birth year 1869 - born in Birmingham) and her occupation was a Drapers Assistant.

1891 census - household transcription, Wayne family
Address: 15, Gladstone Street, Aston, Aston Manor

WAYNE, Robert Head Married M 43 1848 Machinist Enfield, Middlesex

WAYNE, Jane F Wife Married F 45 1846 Bristol Somersetshire

WAYNE, Robert Son Single M 22 1869 Machine Minder Birmingham Warwickshire

WAYNE, Rhoda Daughter Single F 22 1869 Birmingham Warwickshire

WAYNE, Edwin J Son Single M 20 1871 Screw Turner Birmingham Warwickshire

WAYNE, Arthur W Son Single M 19 1872 Machine Fitter Birmingham Warwickshire

WAYNE, Albert T Son Single M 15 1876 Turner Birmingham Warwickshire

WAYNE, Frederick W Son Single M 12 1879 Scholar Aston Warwickshire

WAYNE, Herbert Son Single M 10 1881 Scholar Aston Warwickshire

WAYNE, Edith E Daughter Single F 8 1883 Scholar Aston Warwickshire

WAYNE, Miriam F Daughter Single F 7 1884 Scholar Aston Warwickshire

WAYNE, Phillip B Son Single M 4 1887 Scholar Aston Warwickshire

HINDS, Hannah Niece Single F 18 1873 Domestic Servant Birmingham Warwickshire

Wayne family in the 1881 census

Address: 15, (Court 3), Gladstone St, Aston

WAYNE, Robert Head Widower M 33 1848 Tool Maker Enfield Warwickshire
WAYNE, Robert Son Single M 12 1869 School Bham Warwickshire

WAYNE, Rhoda Daughter Single F 12 1869 School Bham Warwickshire
WAYNE, Edwin J Son Single M 10 1871 School Bham Warwickshire 

WAYNE, Arthur W Son Single M 9 1872 School Bham Warwickshire

WAYNE, Albert T Son Single M 5 1876 School Bham Warwickshire

WAYNE, Frederick W Son Single M 2 1879 School Aston Warwickshire

WAYNE, James H Son Single M 0 1881 Aston Warwickshire
A mystery arises from the above census record in that Robert Wayne is listed as a widower and yet his wife Jane reappears in the 1891, 1901 and 1911 census. Would be interesting to find out the explanaition for this one. She clearly made a miraculous recovery!   
1871 census - Wayne family at Address: New Summer Street House Court, Birmingham
WAYNE, Robert Head M 23 1848 Middlesex 

WAYNE, Jane F Wife F 26 1845 Gloucestershire 

WAYNE, Rhoda Daughter F 2 1869 Warwickshire 

WAYNE, Robert Son M 2 1869 Warwickshire 

WAYNE, Edwin J Son M 0 1871 Warwickshire

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