Saturday, 23 October 2010

A message from Breda in Dublin re: Lawlor (O'Lalor) and Gorman (O'Gorman)

I was just back tracking though messages left on this website (there is a facility for guests to leave a message after each post but it is not autmatically visible so one has to search for them) and I found a message left by my mom's cousin Breda in August.

I must apologise Breda for not reading your message before today. Breda said:

Hi Pete, its Breda here from the old homestead of 92 Walsh Rd. Was talking to Jim Byrne from Cork a few weeks ago and he gave me your brummie site to find out information on the Lawlors and Cushions and I have certainly discovered a lot of information from you. My brother Vincent's son "Kieran O Gorman" who is starting his family tree asked me if I would have any information he could use, so now i am glad to say I can refer him to your site which is really the best I have seen. Wish I had you to track the Gorman side of my family, ha ha. Say hello to your mam and dad from me, hope they are keeping well, Breda (O Reilly)

19 August 2010 13:08

My reply to Breda's post today (2 months later - sorry Breda):


So sorry I have not seen your post before today (in October). I was just back tracking. Wonderful to hear from you. Joan will be delighted. I will be in touch. Let me know if I can help on the Gorman side - I am never one to turn down a genealogical challenge!!

Love to everyone. I have warm memories of meeting you all in the early and late 90s and have some great video footage of Aunt Lily singing Danny Boy at the home out at Howth.

Love to you all



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