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A new connection on the Flynn side

It has been a few months since I posted information about the Flynn side of my father's family. The Flynns came from Galway in western Ireland in the early 1860s and settled in the Newtown area of Birmingham. My g-g-grandmother Bridget Flynn married my g-g-grandfather Thomas Finn at St Chad's Cathedral in 1870.

Bridget's mother was Mary Flynn and her father a shoemaker named Daniel Flynn. The Flynn family are recorded living at Northwood Street in the All Saints ward of Birmingham in the 1861 census. Mary Flynn was a widow, her children included:

Patrick aged 24 (born 1837)
Mary Rattigan, identified as a daughter aged 24
David Flynn aged 20 (born 1841)
Michael aged 18 (1843)
Bridget was 15 (born 1847)
Daniel aged 10 (b, 1851)
Margaret aged 9 (born 1852) 
Maria Flynn aged 6 (born 1856).

A James Flynn aged 23 (born 1838) was also recorded in the 1861 census living a few streets away at Brearley Street West.

The same family, minus some of the older siblings, are recorded in the 1871 census living at Smith Street in Newtown. 

One of the Flynn siblings of my g-g-grandmother Bridget, the 18 year old Michael from the 1861 census became a jewellers stamper living at Smith Street then Unett Street and marrying Selina Lane in 1870. This couple has children as follows:

William Patrick Flynn born 1871
Joseph George Worrall Flynn born 1873 married Edith Elizabeth Rooke
Mabel Louisa Maria Worrall Flynn born 1878
Theresa Maude Mary Worrall Flynn born 1879
Beatrice Alice gertrude Worrall Flynn born 1883
Marion Agnes Elsie Worrall Flynn born 1885

Another brother, Daniel the 20 year old shoe maker listed in the 1861 census may be the person listed in the 1871 census at Branston Street in 1871, with his wife Selina and children:

Edward born 1866
Daniel born 1867
James born 1869

The same family are at Northwood Street in the 1881.

Another possible brother from the original Flynn family of the 1861 census is a Patrick Flynn at Cheapside, Aston in 1881:

Patrick born 1839
Bridget (wife) born 1842
Mary A born 1866
Selina born 1867
David born 1870
Ellen born 1871
Rose born 1875
John U born 1877
Edward born 1878

The same family are recorded in the 1901 census, Ellen is referred to as Nellie and John as Joseph, there is also an Arthur born 1886.

Another researcher named Ken Flynn told me that his grandparents were named Daniel and Nellie Flynn and that they ran a sweet shop in Essington Street in Ladywood. This Daniel Flynn's father was also named Daniel. It is possible he was the son of one of Bridget's brothers, Patrick, David or Daniel.

I was recently contacted by another family tree researcher named Lisa who has some interesting potential connections with the Flynn family. Lisa first contacted to say:

"Hi Pete, I do believe these Flynns are my relatives, David Flynn being my Great-Grandfather and David Flynn junior being my Grandad named after his father. Records on Ancestry indicate a marriage in 1902 between David St Chad Flynn and Emily Louisa Cook, these were my Great-grandfather and my Great-grandmother.

"My mother was Patricia Flynn, her sister was Maureen Flynn and they were daughters of David Flynn jnr and Rose Flynn (nee. Bill). My grandad was brought up in the Aston area of Brum, I know his father (my G-Grandfather David Flynn) had brothers called Joseph and Daniel Flynn, I also know part of the Flynn family went to live in Canada (on my mother's cousin Pauline's side) and I also know that my Great-Grandfather's other son was named Joseph after his brother, he married a Nellie Flynn though I am not sure of her maiden name.

"My grandad was born on December 26th 1912 in Aston. Apparently my Great-Grandmother Emily Louisa Cook married Edward Flynn first, but we were told he died in a War, how true that is we don't know, then she went on to marry my Great-Grandfather David Flynn, I think she had 2 children with Edward which were Edward Flynn and Lena Flynn. Then she went on to have David, Joseph and quite a few other children with David St Chad Flynn."

Lisa explains that her cousin has traced the Flynn family tree and told her that David and one of his brothers Joseph Flynn came over to England as illegal immigrants - stowarways on a ship from Cork in Ireand but that the rest of the Flynn family were already here, some in Ladywood, Aston and also in Lozells where her mother Patrica was born in Gerrard Street in 1934. Her Grandad David then moved from Aston and lived with Rose in Weoley Castle.

Lisa goes on to say:

"They were definately a big famliy, I have quite a few photos of my grandad David and his brother Joseph. I was always told that my great-grandfather was a cobbler in Ireland, my mother was Patrica Flynn, daughter of Daivd Flynn, b.1912 in Aston, she married Kenneth Burgess."

Lisa explains that her cousin David has carried out research into the Flynn family history and found out some very intresting things about their great-grandad and his brother Joseph Flynn. David was a solider in the Warwickshire Regiment, 4th Battalion, he went to Africa and India and received the King's medal with clasp and the Queen's medal with clasp.

Lisa also makes some interesting observations about one of the photos on this website which was of Michael Flynn, the brother of my great-great grandmother Bridget. It seems that Michael could be Lisa's great-great-uncle, and she believes there to be a striking resemblance to her side of the family:

"He looks very much like my grandad David Flynn, my mom, me and my sisters. The thin lips. The slight dimple on the chin, we've all got it. It is uncanny. I'm the only one with auburn /red hair in the family and mom always said it was from the Flynn side of the family".

More on Lisa's family

Lisa's mom was Patrica Thelma Burgess (nee) Flynn, born on 25th Sept 1934, at 1 back Gerrard Street, Lozells.

Her father was Kenneth John Burgess, born in 1931 in South Birmingham.

Lisa's grandmother was Rose Flynn (nee. Bill), born 6/1/1912, in Hockley / Lozells.

Her grandfather was David Flynn, born on 26/12/1911 in Aston.

Lisa's aunt (her mom's sister) was Maureen Depoy (nee Flynn), born 1939, Lozells.

Her Great Uncle was Joseph Flynn, born 1912 in Aston.

Her Great Grandfather, David St Chad Flynn, was born in 1877. Lisa believes he might have originated from Cork, Ireland.

Lisa's Great Grandmother, Emily Louisa Flynn (nee Cook) was born in 1878 in Aston Manor.

Her Great Grandfather's brother was called Joseph and was possibly born in 1874.

We have already mentioned that Lisa's mom believed that her Grandfather David St Chad Flynn was a cobbler in Cork in Ireland and also spoke of the family running a sweetshop in Birmingham.

Lisa's cousin David (son of Maureen) told her:

"The two brothers Joseph and David Flynn were illegal immigrants - stowaways on a ship from Ireland to England, though on the census records it states they were general labourers, born in Birmingham".

"A brother named Edward Flynn married Emily Louisa Cook before 1900. In the 1901 census it states she is widowed with 2 children and living with her parents, who were Charles Cook and Louisa Cook".

1901 Census - Number 15 Hunters Vale, Lozells, Aston Manor

Head-Charles Cook, M, aged 50yrs, born Warwick, Helmet maker

Wife-Louisa Cook, M, aged 50yrs, born Enfield

Daughter-Phoebe cook, S, aged 23yrs, Brooch maker, born, Aston Manor

Son-Charles Cook ,S, aged 21yrs, stock maker, born Birmingham

Daughter-Emily Flynn, widowed, aged 24 yrs, Stamp maker, born Birmingham

Grandson-Edward Flynn, aged 7yrs, born Birmingham

Grand Daughter-Lena Flynn, aged 5yrs, born Birmingham.

Having lost her first husband Edward Flynn prior to 1901, Emily Flynn apparently then married his brother David St Chad Flynn in 1902 in Birmingham. Lisa believes that her Great-Grandmother Emily was then disinherited from the family Will possibly because the Cooks were quite a well to do family having made their money from being furriers and shop owners. 

Lisa also said that her Grandad's brother, Joseph Flynn, born around 1912, married a Nellie, known as Aunt Nell.

On her father's side, Lisa's grandfather Albert James Burgess was born in 1897 in Aston:

Also my Nan, Rose Flynn (nee) Bill, her mother was Lillian Bill ( nee ) Meakin, so my Great-Great-father was John Benjamin Meakin, who married a Mary Ann Aston. My grandad David Flynn Jnr married Rose Bill I think in 1935 or round abouts, mom was born in 1934. They moved from Gerrard St, Lozells to the Weoley Castle area where they lived the rest of their lives".

Lisa also sent me another record from the 1901 census (above) which records a family of Flynns living at 249 Essington Street, Ladywood:

Daniel Flynn Head 34 abt 1867 Male Birmingham

Rose Flynn Wife 33 abt 1868 Female Birmingham 

Daniel Flynn Son 12 abt 1889 Male Birmingham 

David Flynn Son 10 abt 1891 Male Birmingham 

David Flynn Brother 28 abt 1873 Male Birmingham 

Joseph Flynn Brother 18 abt 1883 Male Birmingham

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Stone family - Matters arising

I continue, for the time being, to concentrate my research on my wife's maternal ancestors, the Stone / Stones family of County Offaly in the rural Irish Midlands.

The family tree chart I posted a few days ago continues to raise one or two questions which require further clarification. For instance, we have seen in previous posts that during the early 1880s two different men named John Stones married and raised families at Lurgan. One of them married Rose Malynn and the other married Anne Warburton.

In the 1901 census it seems that one of these men named John Stones had died leaving his wife Anne as a widow. We can say with certainty that this was Anne Warburton as her sister Teresa Warburton is also recorded in the family home.

What I was unable to say for certain was which one of the two men named John Stones was the brother of my wife's great grandfather Daniel Stones. On the first draft of the family tree I had guessed that it was John who married Rose Malynn, mainly on the basis of age calculations. It now seems however that I got this wrong. 

Which ever of these Johns we confirm as the brother of Daniel and his siblings, it leaves the question of the relationship of the second John to the generation of the children of Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill. My guess up to now was that he could have been their cousin, the son of a John Stones senior recorded at Lurgan in the 1850 Griffith's Valuation. 

An additional question affecting this puzzle arises from verbal information which my wife's mother Kitty gave me some years ago and which I recently came across in my notes.

Sometime around 2000, Kitty told me:

"My grandfather Daniel Stone inherited a third of Lurgan when it was divided between him and two brothers by their father. The three brothers were Daniel, John and Michael.

" Michael was the grandfather of Mary Martin who still lives on the land at Lurgan. Her father was Dick Martin who must have married Michael Stone's daughter. I believe the other brother, John, married a woman named Warburton. The Warburtons were a Protestant family from the Athlone side of Moate, they have a family grave in the Church of Ireland cemetary at Ballymoor".

Kitty went on to tell me that John Stone's descendants sold their third of the land at Lurgan to her own brother Daniel (Uncle Dan) many years ago, meaning that Dan owned two thirds of the original land up until his death on 14th March 2004 whilst Mary Martin kept the remaining third.

Whilst the discovery of this anecdotal information would certainly confirm that the John Stones who married Anne Warburton was the brother of Daniel, I have not come across another brother named Michael. The census records of both 1901 and 1911 do however provide details of the household and family of another of Daniel's brothers named James Stones with his wife Rose Connaughton. On this basis, I would speculate that James was the third brother who inherited the land and that it was one of his daughters who married Dick Martin.

It is worth noting that Daniel Sone may not appear to have had a brother named Michael but he did have a son Michael (brother of Kitty's father Edward) born in 1889 and John Stones and Anne Warburton themselves also had a son named Michael (born 1891). Could one of these two cousins have also married a woman named Warburton?  

The death of Timothy Stones 

I have previously speculated that Timothy Stones died around 1885 because prior to that date two of his sons mentioned above were residing with their young families away from Lurgan. The evidence being that they returned to live permanently at Lurgan around 1884/1885.

A death index I came across on Ancestry would appear to support this theory as there is indeed a record for the death of a Timothy Stones, aged 75, recorded in the autumn of 1883:  

Name: Timothy Stones

Estimated Birth Year: abt 1808

Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1883

Death Age: 75

Registration district: Tullamore

Death Country: Ireland

Volume: 3 Page: 447

FHL Film Number: 101592

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The Stones of Lurgan - Family Tree Chart

Click on the image for closer view

The family tree chart of the Stone family of Lurgan

The Stone family were recorded at Lurgan in County Offaly from at least the early 1800s.

The records from which this family tree has been put together include census records from 1901 and 1911, birth, baptism, marriage and death indexes and certificates, and also the Griffith’s Land Valuation of 1850.

In these records the spelling of the surname differs between Stones and Stone. In the 19th century it was very common for all surnames in Ireland and the UK to be mis-spelt, some surnames have up to 10 variations, often because the vast majority of the population were illiterate. It is very common that the same individual or their immediate family are named with one spelling in one record (e.g. Stone) and another spelling elsewhere (e.g. Stones).

Taking all of the research evidence into account, I have no doubt that the people in this family tree named both Stone and Stones are related to each other. I hope it does not become confusing if I use both variations.

The earliest members of the Stone family tree I have been able to trace are Timothy Stones who married Elizabeth Cahill around 1834. A search of marriage indexes for the Offaly county (formerly Kings County) does not provide a record of their marriage. My theory is that they married in Westmeath and I am confident that I will be able to locate this record soon.

There is a record of Timothy Stones as a farmer at Lurgan in the Griffiths Valuation of 1850. There is also a record of a farmer named John Stones at Lurgan. Given that Lurgan was a relatively small area of rural farmland, it seems probable that these two men may have been brothers or cousins. The name John Stones occurs as a sponsor at the baptism of one of Timothy and Elizabeth’s children around this time, again we could speculate that this was the same man named in the Griffith’s Valuation.

The Offaly Family History Centre at Tullamore have provided us with an index of baptisms from Tubber Parish Church which includes a list of 12 children of Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill of Lurgan. The 12 children are shown in the green coloured boxes on the family tree chart. The list includes two daughters with the same name, Rose, one born in 1841 and one born in 1852. Research shows that it was a common practice in the 19th century that if a child died the parents would often name a subsequent sibling with the same name in their memory.

The baptism records from Tubber include the names of two sponsors for each of the 12 children being baptised. These include five male and three female sponsors with the surname Stones, who may have been siblings or cousins. In baptismal records it appears that female sponsors were recorded under their maiden names not their married names, so on this basis the women named Stones are more likely to have been sisters of Timothy rather than in-laws (wives of his brothers).

There are other surnames of interest amongst the sponsors including three people with the surname Cahill. We could also speculate that female sponsors with other surnames could have been the wives of Timothy’s brothers using their maiden names. We should not discount that some of the sponsors may have been neighbours and friends, not direct relations.

The records from the Offaly Family History Centre also provide marriage references for three  of Timothy and Elizabeth’s children:

James Stones who married Rose Connaughton

Rose Stones who married Edward Grennan

Daniel Stones who married Mary Duffy

There is further evidence that another of the sons named John married Anne Warburton in about 1886, though their marriage may not have been at Tubber.  

There is also a record for another John Stones of Lurgan who married Rose Malynn. This family are recorded in the 1901 and 1911 census. I am unclear at the moment as to how this family is related to that of Timothy and Elizabeth, though it would seem likely that this John was the son of the John Stones referred to above who was recorded in the Griffiths Valuation of 1850. Therefore he was probably the cousin of the family marked in the green boxes.

One of Timothy and Elizabeth’s sons was Daniel Stones who married Mary Duffy in 1880.

The Offaly Family History Centre records also provided baptismal references for the children of Daniel and some of his siblings. These families are listed in the lilac coloured boxes.

I have not been able to locate records for many of Daniel’s brothers and sisters and the Offaly centre does not have records of their marriages or subsequent families. We should consider that some may not have married such as the first Rose who probably died as a child or they may have married in another county such as Westmeath, or they may have moved further away including emigration, or may have entered a vocation such as the priesthood, or may have remained single, etc.

Various other records show us that some of these children moved away from Lurgan for periods of their young adult lives and later returned permanently. On the birth of his oldest son Edward in 1883, Daniel Stones is recorded as being a publican in Mulligar. However, we know that he returned to live at Lurgan with his wife Mary Duffy around 1885 when his next son Timothy was baptised at Tubber with the Lurgan address.

One of Daniel’s brothers also had children away from Lurgan and moved back around the same time. This could indicate that their father Timothy died around 1885 and some of his sons inherited land about this time.

There are a number of families named Stone and Stones listed in the 1901 and 1911 census records at Lurgan, including the family of Daniel Stones and Mary Duffy. The family of Edward and Rose Grennan (nee.Stones) are also recorded in the census.

The oldest son of Daniel Stone and Mary Duffy, Edward Stone, married Catherine Flannagan in 1924. Catherine’s family, the Flannagans of Raheen are also recorded in the 1901 and 1911 census.

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The Family of John Stones and Anne Walberton/Warberton

We have previously viewed another Stones family who were recorded living at Lurgan in the 1901 census. The head of the household was a woman named Anne Stones aged 35 and also recorded is her sister, an unmarried woman named Teresa Warburton. We can therefore work out from this that Anne Stones's maiden name was therefore Warburton.

Residents of a house 6 in Lurgan (Gorteen, King's Co.)

Stones, Anne, 35, Female, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, Born Kings Co, Farmer, Read and write - Widow -

Warburton Teresa 26 Female Sister Roman Catholic Kings Co - Read and write - Not Married -

Stones Timothy 14 Male Son Roman Catholic Kings Co - Read and write - Not Married -

Stones Mary 12 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Kings Co Scholar Read and write - Not Married -

Stones Michael 10 Male Son Roman Catholic Kings Co Scholar Read and write - Not Married -

Stones Catherine 8 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Kings Co Scholar Read and write - Not Married -

Stones Elizabeth 6 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

1911 Census

The same family are to be found again in house 6 at Lurgan in the 1911 census:

Residents of house number 6 in Lurgan (Clara, King's Co.)

Stone, Anne, 45, Female, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, born Westmeath, Farmer, Read and write - Widow

Stone Mary 22 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Kings Co Farmers Daughter Read and write - Single

Stone Michael 20 Male Son Roman Catholic Kings Co Shopman Grocer Read and write - Single

Stone Kate 17 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Kings Co Farmers Daughter Read and write - Single

Stone Elizebeth 12 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Kings Co Farmers Daughter Read and write - Single

Baptismal records from Tubber Church

Once more the baptismal indexes from Tubber Church help us to build up a picture of this family and also give an initial clue as to the relationship of the family to the Stones family we are researching:

6th February 1886  Baptism of Timothy John Stone, son of John Stone and Anne Walberton of Lurgan, sponsors Francis Walberton and Kate Stone

5th December 1887  Baptism of Mary Stones, daughter of John Stones and Anne Walberton of Lurgan, sponsors Tim Stones and Rose Walberton

1st January 1890  Baptirm of Michael Stones, son of John Stones and Anne Walberton of Lurgan, sponsors John Cahll and Kate Walberton 

There is another child listed for this couple but most of the deatils fall off the bottom of the photocopied sheet in my posession. It is likely to have been Kate (Catherine) named above as the next child in line in both the 1901 and 1911 census. I can make out that the female sponsor was Theresa Walberton - the same sister of Anne named in the 1901 census.

The main question arising from this information is who was the deceased John Stones and how was he related to the other members of the Stones family at Lurgan? I have previously speculated that another John Stones of Lurgan, married to Rose Malynn, was the son of Timothy and Elizabeth, mainly on the basis that his estimated age was close to that of the baptism year of their son John Stone in 1844.

According to both of the census records above, Anne Warburton was born in 1866 and the couple's first child Timothy was born in 1886. On this basis we can speculate that John Stones who married Anne Warburton was younger than John Stones who married Rose Maylinn, so might have been a cousin to Daniel and his siblings as opposed to a brother.

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The Family of John Stones and Rose Malynn

I believe that this may be another brother of Daniel Stones, son of Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill.

We have already noted that a John Stones, son of Timothy and Elizabeth was baptised at Tubber Church on 29 / 9 /1844 (sponsors Pat Rigny and Mary Stones). Making him one of the 12 children born to the couple.

It appears from the records below that John Stones married a woman born in Westmeath named Rose Malynn in 1883. 

There are baptism records for four children in the Tubber church records whose parents are named as John Stones and Rose Malynn.

17th February 1883  John Stones of Lurgan, sponsors were James Callaghan and Mary Malinn 

1889  Richard Stones of Lurgan, sponsors were edward Malynn and Anne Malynn 

15th January 1893  Rose Stones of Lurgan, sponsors were John Heffernan and Mary Stones

20th May 1894  Thomas Joseph Stones of Lurgan, sponsors were Joseph Callaghan and Bridget Malynn.

1901 census

The same family are to be found living at Lurgan in the 1901 census, with the addition of a daughter Mary who I was unable to find in the baptism register of Tubber:

Residents of a house 9 in Lurgan (Gorteen, King's Co.)

Stone John 54 Male Father R C Kings Co Farmer Read and write - Married -

Stone Rose 43 Female Wife R C Westmeath - Read and write - Married -

Stone John 18 Male Son R C Kings Co - Read and write - Not Married -

Stone Mary 16 Female Daughter R C Kings Co - Read and write - Not Married -

Stone Richard 11 Male Son R C Kings Co Attending School Read and write - - -

Stone Rose 8 Female Daughter R C Kings Co Attending School - - - -

Stone Thos Joe 6 Male Son R C Kings Co Attending School - - - -   

1911 Census

The family are also in the 1911 census at Lurgan:

Residents of a house 3 in Lurgan (Clara, King's Co.)

Stone John 64 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic Kings Co Farmer Read and write - Married - - - -

Stone Rose 53 Female Wife Roman Catholic Westmeath - Read and write - Married for 28 years, number of children born 6, number of children surviving 4

Stone John 26 Male Son Roman Catholic Kings Co Farmers Son Read and write - Single - - - -

Stone Richard 27 Male Son Roman Catholic Kings Co Farmers Son Read and write - Single - - - -

Stone Thomas J 17 Male Son Roman Catholic Kings Co Farmers Son Read and write - Single - - - -

The Family of James Stone and Rose Connaughton

In the previous post we examined the family of Edward and Rose Grennan of Cloghatanny. Rose was the sister of Daniel Stone(s) who is my wife Theresa's great grandfather.

Rose and Daniel were two of the twelve children of Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill of Lurgan in County Offaly. Another of these children was James Stones who married Rose Connaughton on 19th April 1866.

The couple married at Tubber Church. James Stones of Lurgan was aged 26 and Rose Connaughton aged 24 from Culleen – their fathers were Timothy Stones and James Connaughton and the witnesses were James Connaughton and James Stones.

The following children of James and Rose were baptised at Tubber Church:

4th April1868 Baptism of Timothy Stones, son of James Stones and Rose Connaghton, sponsors Patrick Connaghton and Mary Stones 

4th December 1870 Baptism of Mary Stones, daughter of James Stones and Rose Conaughton, sponsors Richard Stones and Elizabeth Conaughton

27th June 1876 Baptism of Anne Stones daughter of James Stones and Rose Connaghton, sponsors John Stones and Kate Connaghton

7th December 1878 Baptism of Edward Stone son of James Stone and Kate Connaghton, sponsors John Connaghton and Anne Connaghton

24th December 1881 Baptism of Rose Stones, daughter of James Stone and Rose Connaghton, sponsors Patrick Henson and Kate Stones

15th November 1884 Richard Stones, son of James Stones and Rose Connaghton, sponsors Daniel Stones and Rose Hinson

1901 Census

The family of James and Rose Stones are to be found in the 1901 census.

Residents of a house 8 in Lurgan (Gorteen, King's Co.)

Stone, James, 60, Male, Head of Family, R Catholic, born Kings County, Farmer, Read and write English, Married -

Stone, Rose, 55, Female, Wife, R Catholic, King's County, Farmer's Wife, Read and write, English Married -

Stone, James, 25, Male, Son, R Catholic, King's County, Farmer's Son, Read and write English, Not Married -

Stone, Annie, 23, Female, Daughter, R Catholic, King's County, Farmer's Daughter, Read and write English, Not Married -

Stone, Edward, 21, Male, Son, R Catholic, King's County, Farmers Son, Read and write English, Not Married -

Stone, Rose, 19, Female, Daughter, R Catholic, King's County, Farmer's Daughter, Read and write English, Not Married -

Stone, Richard, 16, Male, Son, R Catholic, Kings County, Farmer's Son, Read and write English, Not Married -

It is interesting to note here the presence of an older son named James, aged 25 who is not amongst the list of children baptised at Tubber, suggesting he may have been born and baptised away from the area. We have already noted that James senior's brother Daniel also had one older son, Edward (Theresa's grandfather) who was born away from Lurgan at Mulingar in county Westmeath. This suggests that both James and Daniel lived away from Lurgan and returned to live there permanently at a similar time, somewhere around 1885. Could this be a clue to the date of the death of their father Timothy Stones? 

1911 Census

The same family are still living at Lurgan in 1911, though James has died and Rose is now a widow.

Residents of a house 5 in Lurgan (Clara, King's Co.)

Stone, Rose, 71, Female, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, born Kings Co, Farmer, Read and write - Widow - - - -

Stone, Edward, 31, Male, Son, Roman Catholic, born Kings Co, Farmer, Son, Read and write - Single - - - -

Stone, Rosie, 29, Female, Daughter, Roman Catholic, Kings Co, Farmer, Daughter, Read and write - Single - - - -

Stone, Richard, 27, Male, Son, Roman Catholic, Kings Co, Farmer, Son, Read and write - Single - - - -

Stone, James, 14, Male, Grand Son, Roman Catholic

What is interesting to note here is the presence of a grand son, James aged 14 who was born in Dublin. As all the other occupants are single, we may surmise that they are his aunts and uncles and not his parents who may perhaps have been living in Dublin or elsewhere in 1911.

The family of Edward Grennan and Rose Stones

We have previously found out (see post below) that Theresa's g-g-grandparents were Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill of Lurgan in County Offaly.

We also discovered that Timothy and Elizabeth had an incredible 12 children, one of whom was Theresa's g-grandfather Daniel Stones born in 1846.

It seems from baptismal records from Tubber church that amongst the 12 children were 2 daughters both named Rose, one born in 1841 and one born in 1852. The most likely explanation for this is that the first daughter named Rose may have died in childhood and the second one being named in her memory.

To people in the 21st century, this may sound like an unusual thing to do but there is evidence that it was a common and acceptable practice in 18th and even 19th century communities.

Theresa's niece Emma Dwyer shared these notes about the practice: 

"As for the two Roses - it wasn't that uncommon to name a new child after an older, deceased sibling. Grace Karsken's book 'The Rocks: Life in Early Sydney' is the only book I can immediately lay my hands on which goes into this (well worth a read if you can get your hands on a copy). Some historians claim the practice died out in England in the early 18th century, but actually, it didn't, and pops up in other contexts too (such as Australia). Karskens reccons that it was a way of restoring the memory of the dead child, and making something joyful and celebratory out of a tragedy."

"In the case of the Rocks in Sydney (and other inner-city areas described by contemporary social commentators as 'slums') there were other reasons for giving the same name to two children - not everyone, necessarily, got married, or had children with the people to whom they were married! And so as a way of recognising the parentage of children, the parents names were passed on more often than they are now. Judith Simpson called her three sons after their different fathers, resulting in two of her sons both being called James (and both being alive at the same time). Not that the Stones would ever get up to that kind of business..."

Whatever the story behind the two siblings who shared the name Rose Stone at baptism, it seems that one of them was to marry a local man named Edward Grennan.

On 25th November 1875, Rose Stones of Lurgan married Edward Grennan of Cloghatanney at Tubber Church. The bride's father was Timothy Stones of Lurgan and the groom's father was Edward Grennan (deceased) a farmer. The best man was James Grennan and the bridesmaid was Mary Anne Stones. The priest was Michael Callary.

If the theory that the first daughter named Rose died in childhood is correct, then this must therefore be the second daughter named Rose, born in 1852, making her 23 years old when she married.

A search of the 1901 census reveals the family of Edward and Rose Grennan living at house 2 in Cloghatanny (Tinamuck, King's Co.). They have 5 children.

Rose Grennan was aged 45 in 1901 according to the 1901 census, about 4 years younger than her projected age from baptism, which is close enough in terms of old records.  

The family are recorded as follows:

Grennan, Edward, 60, Male, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, born Kings Co, Farmer, Read and write - Married -

Grennan, Rose, 45, Female, Wife, Roman Catholic, born Kings Co - Read and write - Married -

Grennan, Anne, 15, Female, Daughter, Roman Catholic, Kings Co, Scholar, Read and write - Not Married -

Grennan, John, 13, Male, Son, Roman Catholic, Kings Co, Scholar, Read and write - Not Married -

Grennan, Rose, 11, Female, Daughter, Roman Catholic, Kings Co, Scholar, Read write - Not Married -

Grennan, Teresa, 9, Female, Daughter, Roman Catholic, Kings Co, Scholar, Read and write - Not Married -

Grennan, Christina, 5, Female, Daughter, Roman Catholic

1911 Census

Rose Grennan nee. Stones can be found still residing at Cloghatanny in the 1911 Census, though by this time her husband Edward has died and she is listed as a widow. What is also of note from this census record is that she states she had had 12 children (the same number as her own mother) and 11 were alive. Thus we can speculate that the Grennans, like the Stones, were a sizeable family in the Moate area.  

Residents of a house 18 in Cloghatanny (Tinamuck, King's Co.)

Grennan, Rose, 58, Female, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, born Kings Co, Farmer, Read and write - Widow - married for 35 years, 12 children born, 11 surviving 

Grennan, John, 22, Male, Son, Roman Catholic, born Kings Co - Read and write - Single - - - -

Grennan, Rose Anne, 20, Female, Daughte,r Roman Catholic, Kings Co - Read and write - Single - - - -

Grennan, Christina, 15, Female, Daughter, Roman Catholic, Kings Co - Read and write - Single -

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Significant Records - Stones family

To try to make some order and sense out of the various record indexes sent to me at the weekend, I am going to attempt to put significant records, for instance people with the surnames Stones, Duffy, etc in the localities of Gurteen, Tobber, Moate and Lurgan into a sequential date-ordered list.

The place names in brackets may refer to the place of an event such as a birth or death, indicating a home address but may also refer to the location of a church or cemetery (so not necessarily indicating where they lived). However anything with the place name of Lurgan has a strong possibility of being an ancestor as I believe all of the Stones families at Lurgan were related to one another and there was neither a church nor cemetery at Lurgan. I am not certain that Tobber and Tubber are the same place, though I suspect they are and if so this is both a potential home address, a church and a cemetery. Gurteen (also Gorteen) I am assuming is near to the Gurteen where Kitty currently resides. Moate is a large town with plentiful housing, churches and a cemetery. 

As the list below is populated I hope we can spot obvious links between named individuals and events, for instance a death record with age at death may correspond with a birth record. 

12th July 1825   Death Elizabeth Duffy (Moate)

26th December 1825 Death  Margaret Stones  (Tobber)

28th September 1826  Death   James Stones   (Moate)

22nd January 1830 Death  James Stones  (Tobber)

4th September 1838 Death  Richard Stones  (Tobber)

21st June 1840 Death   Edward Stones  (Tobber)

1850 Griffiths Land Valuation  Bridget Stones (Gorteen)

1850 Griffiths Land Valuation  James Stones (Tober)

1850 Griffiths Land Valuation   John Stones (Lurgan)

1850 Griffiths Land Valuation  Timothy Stones (Lurgan)

22nd February 1857 Birth Edward Stone (Moate) - became Rev. Edward Romacus Stone of Carmalite Order on 24th June 1873, ordained 19th December 1881. Died Dublin on 21st July 1925 

10th May 1869 Death  Catherine Stones, farmer's daughter, aged 27, phthisis (Lurgan) 

20th January 1874 Death  Hugh Stones, farmer, bachelor, aged 30, stomach disease (Tober)

3rd September 1875  Death Edward Stones, publican, bachelor, aged 52, pneumonia (Tober)

27th May 1877 Death  James Stones, Excise Officer, bachelor, aged 55, dropped dead (Tubber)

14th September 1877 Death Mary Stones, farmer's wife, aged 66, paralysis (Luragon)

17th February 1880 Death  Bridget Stones, farmer's widow, aged 80, old age (Gorteen)

21st May 1880 Death  Elizabeth Stones, shop keeper, widow, aged 84, old age (Tober)    

7th November 1883 Death  Catherine Bridget Stones, farmer's child, 3 months old, whooping cough (Tubber)

7th January 1891 Death  Anne Stones, housekeeper, spinster, aged 60, cough (Tubber)

4th March 1892  Death Timothy Stones, farmer's child, 8 months, influenza (Lurgan)

19th July 1893 Death  Edward Stones, farmer's son, aged 16, pneumonia (Gurteen)

3rd February 1895  Death James Stones, farmer, bachelor, aged 70, cough (Tubber)

9th June 1895 Death  John Stones, farmer, widower, aged 83, cancer (Lurgan)

6th September 1896 Death  Richard Stones, farmer, married , aged 45, cancer (Lurgan)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

John and Mary Stones - a more likely match

Having profiled a family appertaining to one John Stones and Mary Geoghegan in the post below, whose children were baptised at Tubber / Rosemount between 1828 and 1838, I now feel that my instinct about the young age of the parents was correct in excluding them from being the John and Mary of Lurgan that we are looking for.

I won't remove the information as you never know when it's relevance might be revealed.

However I have come across another family of children in the same baptismal records which seems much more likely to be the family we are are looking for. The dates fit in better with the birthdates of John and Mary of Lurgan (1811 and 1812) and there is also the occurance of a Timothy Stones, Elizabeth Cahill and John and Anne Hinson as sponsors. The baptised children of this couple John Stones and Mary Malone are as follows:

Margaret Stones baptised 1st October 1837, sponsors were Owen Malone and Margaret Stones

James Stones baptised 23rd February 1839, sponsors were John Stones and Rose Malone

Thomas Stones baptised 3rd August 1840, sponsors were Tim Stones and Judith Malone

Catherine Stones baptised 27th February 1842, sponsors were Patrick Malone and Anne Henson

Richard Stones baptised 11th February 1844, sponsors were James Stones and Elizabeth Cahill

John Stones baptised 9th March 1847, sponsors were John Hinson and Mary Stones

Mary Ann Stones baptised 6th December 1851, sponsors were James Stones and Mary Stones         

A question I have about baptisms based on some of these records is, did the female sponsor use their maiden name in baptismal records? I don't know the answer to this question but I am noticing a pattern for instance Elizabeth Cahill was the wife of Timothy Stones but appears to use her maiden name here in 1844 when by my calculation she would have been married by this date. Anyone know the answer?

I noticed once when looking at similar records at the archive at St Chads Cathedral in Birmingham that many first names were converted into the Latin version presumably just for the church record.

James Stones

The name James Stones has cropped up a number of times as baptismal sponsor for children of both Timothy and John. Can we now bring James in as a brother to John and Timothy? Are there other possible siblings for this generation of the Stones and what of the other related families, the Malones, the Hinsons, the Cahills?

Our Lurgan, Tubber and Moate community begins to expand. 

Was John Stones the brother of Timothy?

Having established more about the family of Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill, we can now start to examine other pieces of information to build up a wider picture of the Stones family in the 19th century.

The Griffiths Land Vaulation of 1850 highlights at least 24 land occupants with the surname Stones residing in the Union of Tullamore. Seven of them are in the Parish of Kilmananghan including Timothy and John Stones at Lurgan:

Bernard Stones, Raheen, 2 acres
Bridget Stones, Gorteen, 25 acres
Bridget Stones, Cloghatanny, 1 acre
Daniel Stones, Correagh, 13 acres
Daniel Stones, Ardballymore, 3 acres
James Stones, Tober, 13 acres 
James Stones, Fearboy, 9 acres
James Stones, Gorteen, 1 acre
James Stones, Cloghatanny, 1 acre
John Stones, Parkwood, 1 acre
John Stones, Fearboy, 2 acres
John Stones, Parkwood, 0 acres
John Stones, Parkwood, 7 acres
John Stones, Lurgan, 15 acres
John Stones, Parkwood, 1 acre
Keiran Stones, Raheen, 1 acre
Mary Stones, Srah, 0 acres
Mary Stones, Loughaun, 6 acres
Michael Stones, Big Ballinderry, 2 acres
Peter Stones, Srah, 6 acres
Thomas Stones, Fearboy, 17 acres
Timothy Stones, Lurgan, 59 acres
William Stones, Raheen, 1 acre
William Stones, Raheen, 1 acre

The common occurance of the surname Stones in the area may or may not indicate that all of these people shared the same origins, especially the ones which occur in Kilmananghan. We can however safely assume a relationship between Timothy and John of Lurgan whom it would appear could have been brothers. 

A John Stones acted as sponsor to the baptism of Timothy's daughter Rose at Tubber Church in 1841. There is also the death of a John Stones of Lurgan recorded in the death indexes having died of cancer on 9th June 1895 aged 83. John was recorded as a farmer and a widower. He would therefore have been born in 1812.

There is another death entry for Mary Stones of Luragon (mis-spelling of Lurgan?) who died on 14th September 1877 aged 66 (born 1811), Mary's cause of death was paralysis. Could this lady have been the deceased wife of John Stones above?

John and Mary's family?

The Tubber and Rosemount Catholic Baptismal index contains four baptisms of children of a John Stones and Mary Geoghegan between 1828 and 1838. If this couple were the one profiled above then Mary would have been 17 at the birth of the first child mentioned and John 16. What is additionally interesting here is that there was a Mary Geoghegan listed as a sponsor to one of Timothy's children in 1848. I am not certain how these slightly miscellaneous records relate to each other, but will list the baptised children of this couple here anyway:

Ellenor Stones was baptised on 7th June 1828, sponsors were Thomas Huse and Bridget Geoghegan

Patrick Stones was baptised on 11th February 1832, sponsors were Con Menton and Peggy Keenehan

Mary Stones was baptised on 25th June 1834, sponsors were Joseph Gaogan and Bridget Gadegan

Bridget Stones was baptised on 4th May 1838, sponsors were William Stones and Anne Geoghegan 

Other deaths recorded at Lurgan in the 19th century include:

Timothy Stones who died on 4th March 1892, a farmer's child he died just 8 months old from influenza

Catherine Stones who died on 10th May 1869, a farmer's daughter and spinster aged 27 who died from phthisis 

Richard Stones a farmer aged 45 who died of cancer on 6th September 1896


More information about the family of Timothy and Elizabeth Stones

The new information received from the Irish Midlands Ancestry Centre at Tullamore has identified the 11 children of Timothy and Elizabeth Stones. The maiden name of Timothy's wife, Cahill, was also new information in my research.

The shield of County Offaly, once Kings County
 Unfortunately they could not find a marriage record for Timothy Stones and Elzabeth Cahill, though I was advised they could have married in Westmeath not in Offaly.

The website may lead us to records for Westmeath, though there is a cost to view records.

The Ancestry Centre did however pinpoint three marriages which definately appear to appertain to three of the children from the family of Timothy and Elizabeth Stones. One of them we already know about, the marriage of Daniel Stones (Theresa's great grandfather) to Mary Duffy in 1880:

Daniel Stones, a farmer and a bachelor of full age from Lurgan married Mary Duffy, a 19 year old spinster of Moate on 1st May 1880 at Tubber RC Church in the district of Moate. Daniel's father was Timothy Stones a farmer and Mary's father was Andrew Duffy, a plasterer.

The bridesmaid was a Mary Duffy (a sister-in-law or cousin of the bride perhaps?) and the best man was John Cahill (her brother?) The priest at Tubber was Michael Callary.

The two additional marriages are new to my research:

James Stones, a farmer and bachelor aged 26 from Lurgan married Rose Connaughton, a 24 year old spinster and farmer's daughter from Culleen on 19th April 1866. James's father was Timothy Stones the farmer and Roses's father was James Connaughton, a farmer. Best man was James Stones and bridesmaid was Bridget Galvin. The marriage took place at Tubber Church and the priest was Michael Guilifoy.

On 25th november 1875, Rose Stones of Lurgan married Edward Grennan of Cloghatanney at tubber Church. The bride's father was Timothy Stones of lurgan and the groom's father was Edward Grennan (deceased) a farmer. The best man was James Grennan and the bridesmaid was Mary Anne Stones. The priest was Michael Callary.

Dainiel, James and Rose Stones were without doubt brothers and sister. I will attempt to find these and some of the other sons and daughters of Timothy and Elizabeth Stones in the 1901 and 1911 census records. There stands a chance that I have already located some of them in amongst the Stones families previously listed at Lurgan.

To remind ourselves, Daniel and Mary Stones were living at house number 7 at Lurgan in 1901 with 5 children including Theresa's grandfather Edward who was 18 years old.

Baptismal records of five of the children of Daniel Stones and Mary Duffy:

All five of these children were baptised at Tubber RC Church. 

Timothy Stones was born on 26 / 07 / 1885 and baptised on 01 .08/ 1885 (sponsors were Michael Duffy and Mary Stones). Area - Moate.

Michael Stones was born on 27 / 11 / 1889 and baptised on 30 / 11 / 1889 (sponsors were Thomas Cuddy and Anne Duffy). Area - Moate.

Catherine Stones was born on 27 / 08 / 1892 and baptised on 03 / 09 / 1892 (sponsors were Edward stones and Elizabeth Stones). Area - Moate.

James Stones was born on 31 / 10 /1894 and baptised on 3 / 11/ 1894 (sponsors were James Stones and Kate Cody). Area - Lurgan, Moate.

Richard Stones was born on 25 / 3 / 1897 and baptised on 27 . 3. 1897 (sponsors were Joseph Duffy and Mary Coady). Area - Lurgan, Moate

Note three different spellings of the similar surname Coady, Cody and Cuddy amongst the sponsors.

Also note that the oldest child Edward (Theresa's grandfather) was not baptised at Tubber Church. We already know he was born in Mullingar (Westmeath - about 15 miles away from Moate) in 1883, two years before Timothy was born.

We may also note that the first three children on this list of baptisms were from Moate, as opposed to Lurgan, Moate. This fits in with a theory that Daniel worked as a gardener in Moate and also as a publican in Mullingar presmably before making his home back in Lurgan around 1893.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Stone family of Lurgan, County Offaly

I have previously posted information about the ancestors of my wife Theresa, the Stone (also Stones) family who lived at Lurgan, near the towns of Moate and Clara in County Offaly in Ireland.

There is information here about the marriage of Theresa's grandparents, Edward Stone and Catherine Flanagan in July 1924 and also the birth of the said Edward Stone at Mullingar on 19th February 1883. There is also information about the marriage of Edward's parents, Daniel Stones of Lurgan and Mary Duffy of Moate on 1st May 1880 at Tubber.

There is information here about the Stone family recorded in various houses around Lurgan in the 1901 census. The 1901 census records 4 houses of Stone families at Lurgan and another family at Gorteen. These families include the family of Daniel and Mary Duffy at number 7.
The information here provides further insights into the origins of the Stone family at Lurgan, the family of Daniel and Mary Stone and a reference to the 1911 census.
The information here gives more detail about Daniel and Mary Stone's family at Lurgan in the 1911 census and also lists their neighbours at Lurgan.
At this link there is a photo of Edward Stone and his wife Catherine Flanagan. There is also information about their children

There is more detailed information here about the Stone family and their neighbours at Lurgan in the 1911 census.

There is information here about Kilmanaghan Cemetary near Lurgan and a post here about the history of Moate. There is also a post here containing memories and stories by local writer James J Hackett.

There is information here about the Flanagan family recorded at a place called Raheen in both the 1901 and 1911 census. Catherine Flanagan was Theresa's grandmother who married Edward Stone.

There is information here and here about the occurrence of Timothy and John Stones, who may have been brothers, both recorded at Lurgan in the 1850 Griffith's Evaluation.

Tubber Roman Catholic Church near Moate, County Offaly

New information about the Stone family

Have received some information this weekend from the Irish Midlands Ancestry Centre in Tullamore, County Offaly. It will take me some time to read through everything and interpret what I can as mainly it is made up of index lists which need deciphering to pick out direct ancestors from other people named Stone in the area.

But there is some significant new information here such as a detailed profile of the family of Timothy Stones of Lurgan and his wife Elizabeth Cahill. Timothy and Elizabeth Stones were Theresa's great great grandparents who lived on a farm at Lurgan.

Lurgan was still in the ownership of the Stone family up until a few years ago when Theresa's Uncle Dan died and the land was sold. We have made many visits there in the past twenty years, Dan was a sheep farmer who lived in a cottage on the edge of Moate but he and his sisters grew up in a small farm house on the land which in later years was used as a barn. So it is fascinating to identify people who lived at Lurgan back in the early 1800s.

The records of the family are drawn from the Tubber Roman Catholic Baptismal Records and include the following 12 children of Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill:

Margaret Stones baptised 13 / 12 / 1835 (Sponsors William Heiney and Anne Milady) 

James Stones baptised 04 / 12 / 1839 (Sponsors John Cahill and Mary Stones)

Rose Stones baptised 24 / 02 / 1841 (Sponsors John Stones and Mary Cahill)

Richard Stones baptised 22 / 1 / 1843 (Sponsors James Daly and Rose Cahill)

John Stones baptised 29 / 9 /1844 (Sponsors Pat Rigny and Mary Stones)
Daniel Stones baptised 20 / 9 / 1846 (Sponsors Edward Stones and Elizabeth Hinson)

Elizabeth Stones baptised 26 / 11 / 1848 (Sponsors Thomas Lowry and Mary Geoghegan)

Timothy Stones baptised 23 / 07 / 1850 (Sponsors James Hinson and Mary Anne Stones)

Rose Stones baptised 18 / 06 / 1852 (Sponsors James Stones and Margaret Hinson)

Anne Stones baptised 22 / 07 / 1854 (Sponsors Patrick Henson and Margaret Stones)

Edward Stones baptised 23 / 02 / 1857 (Sponsors Thomas Stones and Catherine Stones)

Catherine Stones baptised 27 / 07 / 1859 (Sponsors Richard stones and Mary Rigney)

The child named Daniel baptised in 1846 was Theresa's great grandfather who married Mary Duffy on 1st May 1880.

These baptismal records also give us the name of the sponsors (God parents) of each child, which may lead us to guess at the relationships between these people and the parents. For instance, Mary Cahill and Rose Cahill could have been sisters or sister-in-laws to the mother Elizabeth Cahill. The sponsors also include a Mary Stones, a Catherine Stones, a Margaret Stones and a Mary Anne Stones, so again these women could have been sisters or sisters-in-law to the father Timothy (though we should not discount other relationships such as an aunt or grandmother acting as sponsor).

The sponsors also include women named Anne Milady, Mary Rigney, Mary Geoghegan and Margaret Hinson. These women could have been married sisters of either the mother or the father. They might have included friends or neighbours acting as sponsors, though in large Catholic families (and I speak from experience) they are more likely to use relatives. 

The male sponsors include men named Edward Stones, Thomas Stones, Richard Stones and James Stones - all likely to be brothers of of the father Timothy. We also have John Cahill who is likely to be a brother of the mother Elizabeth.

The male sponsors also include Pat Rigny, William Heiney, James Daly, Patrick Henson, Thomas Lowry and James Hinson. Relatives, friends or neighbours? If we assume that the surnames Henson and Hinson are different spellings of the same name, it is interesting to note that three different people named Hinson stood as sponsors to the Stones children, so a close relationship existed here between the Hinson and Stones families.

One further observation about the 12 children in this list is that there are baptisms for two children with the name Rose, one in 1841 and one in 1852, so 11 years between them. It is intriguing to wonder why there might have been two daughters named Rose in the same family. Did the older child die perhaps - though it still seems unusual to name a new baby after her deceased sister, unless there was a big significance about the name Rose, such as being a grand parent's name?

Tubber RC Church is on the main road between Clara and Moate. I have been to Mass there many times and Theresa and I knew the retiring priest Father Michael Walsh well, receiving his blessing on our marriage if my memory is correct. So it's wonderful to learn of the family's long standing relationship with Tubber Church.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mary O'Hagan in the 1861 Census

Mary O'Hagan, also known as Mary Hagan, was the older sister of my great great grandmother, Alice O'Hagan who married John Millington.

Since discovering Mary's O'Hagan's Will some years ago and learning that she was an unmarried woman who died from cancer in 1906 at her cottage in William Street in Lee Bank, having spent much of her life in domestic service as a cook, I have slowly been able to build up a picture of the O'Hagan family who most likely came from Newry in Ulster as early as the 1840s. 

Alice was born in Bromsgrove in about 1846 / 1847, her father Patrick has been listed as a traveller, an agricultural labourer and a salt hawker. All of these 'occupations' painting a picture of an itinerent family arriving in the rural countryside of Worcestershire, where they most likely worked in the fields, going from farm to farm as did thousands of other Irish migrants. But then Patrick realising the opportunity of hawking the salt that was produced around Droitwich and Bromsgrove in the 19th century and heading up the canal routes into the expanding urban metropolis of Birmingham and the Black Country where they settled down and stayed.

The family are registered living at Wharf Street next to the Gas Street canal basin in the 1861 Census, but by this time Mary and her older siblings have left the family home.

There are subsequent records of a Mary O'Hagan (or Hagan) as a cook in domestic employment in later census records but this is the first time I have found a possible match in the 1861 census. Her birth place (Newry) and birth year make this seem like a likely record of this being our own Mary O'Hagan.     

Address 31-32 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham
Ward - St Mary's
Ecclesiastical district - St Philip's 
John Vinrace
General Practitioner
Married to Selina E
Born abt 1834 in Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, England
Head of the household

Selina E Vinrace
Married to John
Born abt 1835 London, England

John H Vinrace
aged 5
Son of above
Born abt 1856 Hill Top, Staffordshire, England

Felix C Vinrace
aged 3 
Son of above
Born abt 1858 Highgate, Worcestershire, England

Edward D Vinrace
Aged 1
Son of above
Born abt 1860 Ledgborough, Gloucestershire, England 

Sophia Watkins
Born abt 1843 Gloucestershire, England

Mary Hagan
Born abt 1839 Newry, Ireland

Elizah Harvey
Born abt 1843 Goodworth, Warwickshire, England