Saturday, 19 March 2011

Birmingham City Centre - images

A view of Victoria Square, Birmingham from the Town Hall looking up Colmore Row.
Image from a post card, circa. early 1960s?

Am I correct in suggesting that the row of fine buildings on the right hand side have completely gone? The square in the foreground has been substantially pedestrianised, I'm pretty certain that the Victoria statue has been relocated and the site is now occupied by a huge fountain-based sculpture.

The Rotunda building in Birmingham and part of Bull Ring Shopping Centre.

From a photo my dad took circa. 1980s. The Rotunda is still in situ but this section of road is now covered by a pedestriansed public square bordered by the new Bullring and Selfridges buildings.   


  1. Birmingham is great place for shopping tourism and family holidays. It is one of my favourite cities in the United Kingdom. You've posted very nice photos.

    Birmingham Park and Fly

  2. Hi, I love the old photos of Birmingham, just wondering if I might be able to use one for a non profit Birmingham based magazine URBRUM, One of the articles is called back in the days, about how todays youth has changed. Your image of Birmingham with the Rotunda would hold a load of memories for our reads. We would display the author of the image on the article. I can give more information if interested 0121 554 9360 ext 4 Cheers

    David Tims