Friday, 15 July 2011

Birch the Butcher of Wellington

Further to the posts below containing trade information from Pigot's Directory of Shropshire 1928 which includes a listing of William Birch, a butcher of Street Lane, Wellington and a Thomas Birks, shoemaker of New Street, I can add the following information about a Millington ancestor who married a John Birch.

Mary Ann Millington was the sister of my g-g-g-grandfather William Millington. Like Mary, William was born in Wellington in about 1800 but he came to live in Birmingham and married an aston woman in 1821.

However, Mary Millington stayed put in wellington and married John Berkes (also spelt Birch) probably in 1833. The couple are recorded at 171 New Street in the 1841 census, their surname spelt as Birch not Berks. John Birch was a 27 year old shoe maker in 1841, Mary was 35, Edwin 7, Joshua 5 and Sarah 3.

10 years later Mary Ann Berks is once again listed in the census (this time for 1851) but it seems her husband may have died as she is recorded as the head of the household, a 48 year old baker. Mary Ann’s children are listed as 17 year old Edwin Berks (a baker), 16 year old Joshua (cabinet maker’s apprentice) and 13 year old Sarah. Her brother John Millington is also recorded in the house or shop at number 32 New Street, Wellington. He is recorded as a 40 year old day labourer born in Wellington.

I also have correspondance from someone named Andrea Walker of Shropshire who sent me information about the descendants of Sarah Berkes from this family. Sarah (born 1840) married William Jordan (also of Shropshire—born in 1836 to Robert and Ann Jordan). Sarah and William had 6 children: Florence (b.1859), Lora (b.1864), Amey (b.1868), Albert (b.1871), Lilly (b.1876) and Joshua (1877). Andrea’s grandfather was Albert, he married Ethel Bingham and the couple had one daughter named Kate Jordan born in Wellington in 1914. Kate married Cecil Walker and they are the parents of my correspondent Andrea, in an email in September 2006 Andrea told me:

“Sarah their daughter married William Jordan and they lived with Mary. Eventually after being a sawyer William and his son Albert were butchers in what we think was the same shop as Mary had 44 New Street later renumbered to 97. Albert my grandfather demolished the front and rebuilt it. Mother is able to remember all this. That was were my mother was born and I can remember as a child. The property as far as I know is still there but is now a funeral parlour. We moved from Wellington and now live in Stone, Staffs."

It would be interesting to make the link between John Birch of New Street and William Birch the butcher and/or Thomas Birks the shoemaker of New Street.

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