Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Edwards family in the 1911 Census

Had an email recently from Linda Elsley (nee) Edwards in Australia who wrote:

"Just read your book THE CLAYTON FAMILY, thought you would like to know that my great grand mother was also Emma Clayton - my grand father's name was Herbert Edwards born in 1902 and died in 1947 age 45.

Herbert married Rose Gordon, they had 5 kids - 3 boys Charles, Dennis (my father) and Herbert (Bert) and 2 girls Annie and Jean. Unfortunately all deceased with the exception of uncle Bert. My father and uncle Bert emmigrated to Australia in1967 where we still live".

Linda also emailed:

"the only information I have on Herbert is that he died on the 27th March 1947 aged 45. My father was not sure of Herbert's birthday but thought it was 8th may, the only siblings I know of for Herbert was Arthur who was sent to Canada and there was Abraham - he was the youngest."

Some of this may ring bells to any of my relatives on the Clayton side of our family or those who have read earlier posts on this website outlining the sad story of aunty Pem (Emma Clayton) and her son Arthur who was emigrated as a home child to Canada by Middlemore Homes of Edgbaston.

So were Herbert and his brother Abraham related to aunty Pem, the lady who read tea leaves and older sister of my great grandfather Henry William Clayton?

Well it seems he was, as evidenced by this record from the 1911 census: 1911 census - household transcription

Address: 5 Court 6 Paddington St Birmingham


EDWARDS, William Head Married M 45 1866 Brass Polishing Warickshire Birmingham 

EDWARDS, Emma Wife Married 15 years F 45 1866 Birmingham Warwickshire

EDWARDS, John Son M 12 1899 School Birmingham Warwickshire

EDWARDS, Herbert Son M 9 1902 School Aston Warwickshire

EDWARDS, Harry Son M 7 1904 School Birmingham Warwickshire

EDWARDS, Abraham Son M 2 1909 Birmingham Warwickshire

EDWARDS, Rose Daughter F 0 (3 MONTHS) 1911 Birmingham Warwickshire 


The other interesting information in this record is that it identifies Rose Edwards, probably the young woman named Rosa whose signed photograph appears on this website.

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