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Henry William Clayton's short service army records

In October 1914, 3 months into the Great War, my great grandfather Henry William Clayton joined the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. He gave his age as 36, whilst we know he was actually 46. Two months later he was discharged from the army on 14th December when it was discovered he had chronic rheumatism making it unlikely for him to become an efficient soldier.

But William must have been keen to help out in the war effort because in January 1915, just dyas after Christmas, he joined the territorial force, this time giving the correct age, 45 and once again being accepted as fit to serve.

But sadly William's age and physical problems were to stop him serving King and country beyond July 1915 when he was discharged again.  

Short Service Attestation - 31st October 1914

Statement of the Services of No 8997

Joined 31st October 1914
Gortslade Camp - 10th November 1914
Discharged as not likely to make an efficient soldier - 14th December 1914  

Military history sheet
From 31st October 1914 to 14th December 1914
45 days

Wife Mary Clayton nee Finn, 20 Garbett Street, Ladywood, Birmingham
Children listed: Florence, Annie, Thomas, Frederick

Description of William Henry Clayton
Apparent age 36 years 225 days
Height 5 feet 6.5 inches
Weight 5 feet 6.5 inches
Complexion fresh
Eyes blue
Hair brown

Tattooed both forearms

Certificate of Medical Examination considered him fit for the army on October 31st 1914
 Approved for the Royal Warwickshire Regiment on 31st October 1914

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