Friday, 15 July 2011

Wellington in the 1928 Pigot's Directory of Shropshire

The following documents are from the Pigot's Directory of Shropshire for 1928. Pigot's Directory was the Yellow Pages of it's day, it was published widely throughout Britain and similar publications were also published in Ireland. The great thing about the Pigot's Directories is that they were published on a county or city basis and were further split down into towns and even villages, listing the names and addresses of all the main shop keepers and trades people in each area. So if your ancestor was a tradesman, publican, professional person, etc., it is likely that their business may have been listed in a copy of Pigot's.

The sections I have posted here are for the town of Wellington in Shropshire. In 1928 a family of my ancestors, the Millingtons, resided in New Street in Wellington. The name Millington doesn't appear in this listing but the name Birch does appear as a butcher - Birch is a name connected to the Millington family at that time so it gives me something to look into. Besides which there is lots of interesting general information here about the county of Shropshire and the town of Wellington in  particular which help to create a picture of what the area was like in 1828.    

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