Wednesday, 3 August 2011

1901 Census - Moate, Westmeath

Whilst searching the 1901 Census on the National Archives of Ireland website I came across this record of a small family named Stone (Stone is the maternal line of my wife's family - her mother's maiden name) living in a place named Legan in Moate.

It is likely that Legan is a different place to the ancestral farm at Lurgan which is between Moate and Clara (Moate is in Westmeath whilst Clara is in Offaly - formerly Kings County), not a mis-spelling.

What interests me most though is the presence of a teenage nephew named Timothy Stone aged 15. In the 1911 census record of the Stone family at Lurgan there was a Timothy Stone aged 26 (who was brother to my wife's grandfather Edward Stone). 

Is it possible that these two spinsters, Mary and Bessie Stone, living with their 88 year old mother Elizabeth Stone, were related to Daniel Stone (my wife's great grandfather?)    

Residents of a house 24 in Legan (Moate, Westmeath)

Stone Mary 60 Female Head of Family Roman Catholic King's County Shop Keeper Read and write - Not Married -

Stone Bessie 51 Female Sister Roman Catholic King's County Helper Read and write - Not Married -

Stone Elizabeth 88 Female Mother Roman Catholic Westmeath - Read and write - Widow -

Stone Timothy 15 Male Nephew Roman Catholic Westmeath Scholar Read and write - Not Married -

Cunningham Mary 65 Female Servant Roman Catholic

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