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The Stone family of Lurgan, Offaly

Recently arrived back from a visit to Theresa's mom Kitty Dwyer, nee. Stone of Tubber near Moate in Ireland. Kitty (my mother-in-law) has been in Tullamore hospital for the past few weeks but happily her condition is improving.

Whilst in Tullamore I took the opportunity to go into the Irish Midlands ancestry research office at Offaly Exhibition and Research Centre and picked up a research form so that I can request a full search on the Stone family. There will be a cost but I feel it will be worth it as there is a strong likelihood of them having access to good records about the Stone family at Lurgan and possibly some of the related families such as Duffy (Theresa's great grandmother Mary Duffy from Moate) and possibly Flannagan (Theresa's grandmother was Catherine Flannagan from Rehan).

The Stone family lived on farmland at Lurgan for a number of generations. I have previously posted up records from the 1911 and 1901 census detailing Daniel and Mary Stone living with their family on the farm at Lurgan and there are also details of neighbouring houses at Lurgan, many of which contained other families with the surname Stone.

We know from anecdotal information that a large area of land at Lurgan was divided between Daniel and his two brothers, said to be named Michael and John, though there are other individuals named Stone recorded in the Census including James and Charles. 

Whilst in Tubber this summer I had a brief conversation with Theresa's cousin Cormac Stone who still farms extensive areas of land in the county and might therefore be a likely person to know more about these three brothers and the division of the land by their father Timothy. But Cormac's knowledge is formed from the same anecdotal information as has been transmitted by his parents' generation (his mother was Anne Stone who was Kitty's oldest sister), so I now feel that a professional search may be the next best step as the Tullamore research centre have access to church, state, newspaper, estate and land records as well as the census data I have already explored.

What I have come across in my own records as I filled out the research form is that I have a very faint photocopy of the marriage certificate of Daniel Stones and Mary Duffy - information I don't think I have posted up on the website before now.

Daniel Stones of Lurgan, a bachelor of full age, married Mary Duffy of Moate, spinster of full age, on 1st May 1880 at Tubber.

Mary's father was Andrew Duffy - I can't fully make out his profession but it looks like Slisbrer (any suggestions as to what this might be would be gratefully received).

Daniel's father was Timothy Stones a farmer.

Witnesses were John Cahill and Mary Duffy.

Note the addition of the letter s after Stone to make it Stones. To be honest I don't think the variant spellings of surnames in the 19th century is worth pondering on as this was very common across Ireland and the UK. So I think we can use both Stone and Stones to refer to the same family.

Birth of Edward Stone

I also have a similar photocopied birth entry for Edward Stone (I got these from the public record office in Dublin many years ago). 
Catherine (nee. Flanagan) and Edward Stone
with daughter Anne Stone 
Edward Stone was Theresa's grandfather, he was one of the 9 children of Daniel and Mary Stone.

Edward was born on 19th February 1883 in Mullingar. His father Daniel Stone was a publican. His mother was Mary Stone nee. Duffy. The informant was Anne McTiernan who was present at the birth.

Marriage of Edward Stones and Kate Flanagan

Edward Stones and Kate Flanagan married at the church of Ballymore in the Union of Athlone on July 9th 1924. Both were of full age and single. Edward's profession was a farmer.

Edward's place of residence was Lurgan and his father was Daniel Stones, also a farmer. Kate's place of residence was Rehan and her father was William Flanagan, also a farmer.

The witnesses to their marriage were Richard Stones and Mary Duffy.

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