Saturday, 3 September 2011

An email regarding Mary O'Hagan at the Royal Oak

I received this interesting email from a gentleman name Mike Cooke regarding a hotel / dwelling called the Royal Oak at Bettws Y Coed in Caernarvon, Wales. In one of my posts I refer to the Royal Oak in the 1881 census where a lady named Mary O'Hagan was working as a cook.

Mary O'Hagan was the name of my great great grandmother Alice Millington nee. O'Hagan's older sister, a spinster who lived in Lee Bank in Birmingham and whom I know worked as a cook in domestic service. I do not know for certain that the lady recorded at the Royal Oak was my great great gandmother's sister, but there are no other people of that name, age and profession listed in the 1881 census in the whole of Great Britain.

Unfortunately Mike is not offering information about Mary O'Hagan but has some interesting comments about others recorded in the 1881 census at the Royal Oak.

Hello Pete,

I have just come across your book about the Millington Family and noted your interest in Mary O’Hagan and the fact that she was at The Royal Oak in 1881.

I am sorry to tell you that I know nothing about her at all, but I am related to Robert Ackrill who was a guest at the hotel.

Robert was born in Worcester and moved to Leeds about 1846. He was a printer. He later moved his business to Harrogate where he eventually became a newspaper proprietor.

Also in Harrogate was Edward Pullan. He owned the Crown Hotel there. Edward bought the Royal Oak between 1871 and 1881.

Robert’s son, John (Jack) William Ackrill, married Edwards daughter, Amy, in 1876.

If you ever go to The Royal Oak make yourself known to the owner, He will be able to show you some interesting items kept in a cabinet dating back to the time when Edward Pullen was the owner.

Best wishes,

Mike Cooke

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