Sunday, 18 September 2011

Family Miscellany

Here are another couple of interesting items from the family archive which have a connection to each other. The first document is a very tattered copy of an Adjudicators remarks given to my mom Joan Lawlor at the Junior Groups Drama Festival 1951 run by Birmingham Co-operative Society Ltd. Education Department. 

My mom was aged 12 in 1951. She was representing the Small Heath Pathfinders which I believe was part of the Woodcraft Folk. Her test piece was "The Little Waves of Breffny" for which she received a total of 75 marks.

The Adjudicator remarked;

"The marks earned by this competitor were consistant with a good performance. Well delivered and carefully enunciated verses made this a most delightful recital". 

The next item is a presentation label inside a book which my older sister Susan won at more or less exactly the same competition 18 years later in 1969. Sue won a copy of The Silver Chair by C.S.Lewis in the Birmingham Co-operative Society Elocution Festival representing Harborne Woodrcaft Folk in the 7-8 years age group. 

Somewhere in the house I have a copy of the book I won in the same competition, probably for aged 6 year olds. I think my book was The Voyage of the Dawn Treader also by C.S.Lewis. I'm pretty certain my brother Denis and second sister Kate also won their categories, plus I seem to recall my mom coaching a whole bunch of other local Harborne kids through it too.

So fair play to our mam for learnin' us all to spayke proper English..

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